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karmapoint 06-23-2012 12:57 AM

Promotions items Ideas: Suits and Jet Packs and more
Ok, we love ships. Really. But please, let's make something different, ok?

Nothing wrong to win a ship, but some small or middle rewards of the C-Store promotions really are stupids. Getting consumables are ok if you need to finish any Dutty Mission or use to make your tribbles fat in the bank, but we need something different to get in the right spot.

Some ideas:

1 - To make differents Envirnomental Suits

Environmental suits are really stupids. You can buy one for only for 100 Dilithium, but the others have the same design, only change the color and have the same stats and a really high, high hiiiiigh and really idiot price. You can buy SHIPS with 350,000 dilithium! Please! Please think better and change this

Make something better: Leave some different kinds of suits to win in some Cadre, lockbox or another thing.

The difference is about the stats and visual. You get a full Enviromental Suit with the stats of a body suit armor, and with some different looks to.

Something different for your Class. A kind of suit to Science, other to Tactical and another one to Engineer, each one with some special skills related with your own class. You can use to improve your Dilithium mining, in episode/event mission, roleplay and foundry missions!

And don't hurt make a individual version to KDF and other to FED, for each class. :wink:

2 - Useless but fun Players device: Tricorders!

Ok, you can see anytime in Drozana, ESD ou DS9 people having fun with some items. Things to use in Roleplay or to have fun can be always welcome.

Things like a TOS Tricoder, a Medical TNG tricoder, and other things. This is star trek online, please, make tricorders! :)

3 - Spacial Jetpack suit

Alright. We have the Envirometal Suit, but any reason to not have a Environmental jetpack suit!

Looks, something awesome to do: Float and fly in the open space around, in middle of the ships, like a small dot to other people, but you see every ship in a big escale. Or can jump direct of your shuttle or ship, floating around in outside of your ship. (Someone of the foundry authors really love this)

4 - Jet Boots:

About Jet Boots: Anyone remember one Star Trek movie, with spock flying around close to Kirk in a montain? In STO, this is a device let you flying around in the vertical indoors or in missions, with a limited altitude. You can attack, but can move a little slow, but in any direction.

5 - Novelty Holograns (Duty and and reward trophies):

If in the future we have holodecks and holograns working around in the star trek series, any reason to not have a special set of Holograns to collect?

Each duty cadre can have a small, really small chance to drop a unique account wide novelty hologran duty, like a umber-rare TOS hologran officer like Scott, Spock, Kirk, Sulu, Uhura etc in each function to help you in your duty mission.

Each Hologran have good stats and unlock a good ground trophie: A hologran of your favorite TOS character. Each hologran unlock a part of a wall trophie, and after getting the whole set, you unlock a floor trophie, with the whole crew in a hologran.

We can have others sets, like DS9, The next generation, Voyager, etc.

6 - Bridge to Bridge chat system:

If someone are using the captain's chair, this toon can chat with any friend or fleet member using the Bridge to Bridge chat system: You see the other person in the monitor (in a static image to keep simple) in your Bridge and chat with him. Both toons can chat freely in this system and everyone in the bridge can hear, but only the Toon in the chair can speak to other in another ship.

This can unlock any PvP or Duel normal game, anyway. This can be used in special bridges from the C-store or unlock in certain events or duty missions.

7 - Player Item Device: Games and musical instruments:

In many moments, we can see in each Star Trek someone using a musical instrument or playing something like:

- The vulcan lyre or other racial musical instrument
- The tridimensional chess (vs your ship computer or other player)
- The strange card game with a strange name, we never see around ingame to play but our dutys can play everytime!
- Player Poker games (dilithium, EC or GPL? :) )

8 - In the future starbases, a fleet member can make foundry missions to publish and works only inside the holodeck of your fleet. In this way, the foundry author can set by myself a reward to other players, placed from your own pocket or inventory to the holodeck inventory (like a fleet-holodeck inventory bank). The author can set if each player get the reward in every game, only in the first playing time or only if pay a fee to play the mission (to help to improve the fleet resources). If the reward run out, you can play but don't get anything.

gettorix 06-23-2012 12:35 PM

+1 to this whole post.

I especially like the idea of tricorders. Maybe as costume unlocks you can choose from the tailor? I know some people like the Kit appearance, but I really don't. I'd rather my medic boff (or character) have a tricorder on his belt than the normal kit look.

sovereignman 06-23-2012 12:45 PM

I don't like Champions, but I like their character customization.

There could be a whole lot more in terms of adding to your char that I'd like to see for STO. And we need more fun stuff that aren't fire extinguishers and annoying poppers!

Clothes doesn't just have to be the onesies that we're all used to :)

eiledon 06-23-2012 12:48 PM

+1 from me in general.

Who wouldnt want to stand out all Captain Proton (with jet powered rocket pants) and be black and white while everyone else is in color

Mixing my shows there but I did like those Voyager Episodes (felt like flash gordon) and Red Dwarf has always been a favourite.

marc8219 06-23-2012 12:55 PM

I dont really see a point to any of that stuff.
The KDF needs more ships from cstore , like a new LTG Raptor and maybe another BOP variant, maybe more gorn and orion style ships too. I rather have the devs focus on stuff we can use. they need to work on new episodes and STf too before getting around to useless fun items.

sovereignman 06-23-2012 12:56 PM

Yes. I want my ferasan to have duane dibbley teeth.

mikewendell 06-23-2012 01:06 PM

Tricorders are under the emotes. There's a couple of them.

Not disagreeing with you. Just point it out.

karmapoint 06-23-2012 02:02 PM

I agree with the KDF problem. I think that has a terrible about the KDF faction have a smaller selection of ships, in C-store or Dilithium. Would be amazing if the Dev's make more products like ships, uniforms and other things.

But the idea of this topic is to replace or improve those lower and unwanted rewards, which frustrate and has little practical value in the game. Consumables? A lot of people hate the "special" consumables from lock boxes or cadres because have a low amount (10 units) or are subtly useless but with a really short-time effect.

Are great if you gain this in any duty mission, event or a random drop in middle of your game, but to get this after spending 100 c-points in a key or 220 in a cadre is really frustrating.

Instead of receiving some really cheap consumable items, with poor function, the player receives something that was more useful, Or could have fun in some way or maybe add a new experience to the game, everyone would win.

You get a combat horta with 10 units? Or a item to restore and buff your whole team (again, 10 units)? Ok, this helps and sounds good. But paying 100 or 220 C-points to get this make the item seem ridiculous, unnecessary.

If you spend 100 or 220 C-points, should come at least a larger number of units or have some advantage linked, like a higher value to refine dilithium for next two hours after opening a cadre or something to help earn extra EC for a limited time, etc.

If you take a small reward after opening a cadre or a box, you have a small buff to your game.

Or have some novelty items or something to collect, to place in your starbase, ship deck or wear. If you have a better change to get some limited rewards like a small changes, like piece of outift, part of a whole set to use in any KDF or FED Toon, this can sell better instead a 10-units item to give a small buff.

An example? Look to Mercenary Outfit from out-duty FED. If the Devs make a variant or a better version to KDF and FED, to collect each part opening lock boxes or Cadres, can be really better. More parts to collect, more items to buy and try to collect.

Boots, pants, shirt, skirt, vest or armor, armbands, backpack, helmet... 8 items at least. And you have to spend 1760 C-points to take this in 8 duty cadres, if you are great with tons of luck to get all in the first time, in each time.

Because the "lotery" system, you get all of this from random drops, and can trade the items that already have with other players or in the exchange. Or can try opening by yourself a lot of cadres or lockboxes to get all set.

Again, my text is not about to buy directly one item from C-store or make something only to KDF. Is about to get better small and middle rewards or have rewards in "sets", in limited edition, but really cool to collect and you can have a better chance to get at least one of these items, but have to spend a lot of c-points or trade with a lot of people to get the full set.

A better reward is something like a popular set. Looks cool, is good to use, you hare happy to receive and can trade if wish... Everyone can take a piece or two but not the same kind of item or part. And to take the whole set need money or time.

This is something to worth, to spend your money. The past cadre promotion with lobi are good because you get 10 lobi anyway in any cadre and can collect to buy items in the lobi store. Win.

Now the new cadre have an unique ship. Great, we love ships, we love ships... But the middle and low rewards really sucks. Ok, the duty officers are really good and add great value ingame. But you are paying to get this and is not your reward. If you have the right to get a MK I or better rare or very rare console or ship weapon in each cadre can be really better instead from a stupid consumable to leave to your tribbles eat.

Want something cool? Leave a better small prizes, like numerous parts of romulan clothes to make two or more sets, opening cadres. Or make some unique ship and players devices to work just to fun. A special ship device to change the color of your energy trail or to get a unique color pattern can be really wanted. Or perhaps an item to show holographically the flag of your fleet in space, close of your ship.

Is useful? Really no. But can be fun, looks cool, you can use this in any PVE, PVP, RP or just for fun to take screenshots.

Want something cool to use ? As example (and only an example) make a workable flamethrowers with backpack, having cooldown time for ground mission, with a small chance to explode. This kind of item can be wrong from common game, but if come in a limited reward from one-time promotion, can really works and looks fun. Is like the Ferengi whip, have a unique visual, looks cool and is really cheap in stats. But popuplar and easy to get if you spend the right amount of money of have some luck in the promotions and events.

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alastorforthrigh 06-24-2012 12:01 AM

These are some damn good ideas OP.

zokiro12 06-26-2012 11:17 AM

I'd say to add in some of the ships that are already in-game as ships, maybe not with consoles, but just ships, such as some of the Orion and Gorn ships, as well as the trader ships we see coming and going to ESD and Vulcan and Drozana.

On that note: I'd like one specific ship from the Vulcan system to be made available. I'm not sure what it is or what it's called, but basically it is this HUUUUGE ship that looks like some kind of luxury cruise liner. You can find it if you wait around the starbase at Vulcan and look for it. S'pretty easy to spot, as it's escorted by a Gorn dreadnaught. I'd love to see it as a veteran reward/lifetimer perk, with a big, plush interior for you and your friends to lounge around on that'd make the Captain's Table look old.

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