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ajay80 06-25-2012 08:23 AM

can't commission bridge officers
ive try commissing a bridge officer candidate and its not letting me it just say you are not allowed to use this item?

psycoticvulcan 06-25-2012 08:38 AM

Do you have any empty bridge officer slots?

ajay80 06-25-2012 08:44 AM

yeah m8 i made sure of that but it say i can not equip item?

rayquea 06-25-2012 09:22 AM

..Did you buy a KDF doff from the exchange?

ajay80 06-25-2012 09:36 AM

no im trying to commission one of my candidates it just keep saying can not equip?

ajay80 06-25-2012 09:39 AM

huh it just worked that time????? so problem solved loool

attizz 06-25-2012 11:30 AM

I had the same problem, but its easy to solve: You have to be sure, that while doing your commission you have selected the ship, not your captain. It is sad but you can not commission a adjutant to yourself :biggrin:

devil07 06-26-2012 02:23 AM

I had this issue too and after I close and re-opening the window, it seems to correct itself.

ajay80 06-26-2012 11:42 AM

how it worked 4 me was starting a mission i needed an away team and was a man down so i tryed again and it worked????? but wouldnt work outside earth space dock loool

azjor 02-24-2013 08:20 PM

that isn't working for me. I can't commission my new bridge officer, and I have open slots. any ideas?

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