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Archived Post 10-14-2009 04:47 PM

New Menu: Ship Overview
On the site's menu you'll notice a "Ship Overview" section, which has been up for a couple days. If you haven't had a chance, give it a look; it contains a lot of new information about life aboard a ship in Star Trek Online.

Link to the news article.

Archived Post 10-14-2009 04:51 PM

Thanks for the info Rekhan, It's nice to get some specific information about the game.

Archived Post 10-14-2009 04:58 PM

Nicly done. Indeed the new menu is realy something special for the discribed skills, ranks and classes.

Archived Post 10-14-2009 05:01 PM

Thx Rekhan! It's so much easier when everything is neatly put together :)

Archived Post 10-14-2009 05:07 PM

Keep the information flowing please!! :D

Archived Post 10-14-2009 06:06 PM

Idk know what you guys saw but It was just sending me in circles around the site going from the link on the front page to the forum page so whats this about? lol

Archived Post 10-14-2009 06:41 PM

link doesn't work

Archived Post 10-14-2009 07:08 PM

Thats cuse it is just a link to the announcement of the new section on the site, the actual pages are here:

Ship Overview:
Bridge Officers (Ships):
Station Mods:
Ship Equipment:

It is a lot of helpful information.

Archived Post 10-14-2009 07:09 PM

o guys on the far left on the actual site menu there is a category ship over view thats what this is about but dont feel bad i went around in circles looking for it for a bit to :)

Archived Post 10-14-2009 08:01 PM

This is a great idea since I am sure that a lot of people new to the world of Star Trek Online are most interested in the types of ships that will be in the game and related information. Besides, it's nice to have that kind of information linked from the main page instead of having to dig for it through forum posts and the like. Nicely done!

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