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anthonyxmas1 06-28-2012 06:52 AM

Worshipping the Devs = Too much Cult of Personality
Okay, some Devs are leaving. Some Devs communicate regularly to players and answer questions on the forums and in chat channels. Some Devs do a lot of hard work and put out great content.

But I see the players being too much fans (=fanatics) when it comes to the Devs, almost to the point of excessive worship and a Cult of Personality.

So what happens? The players get extremely upset and disappointed if a beloved Dev departs from Cryptic or from Star Trek Online. Such players also spell doom and gloom for the future of Star Trek Online.

That is unhealthy and unrealistic. The Devs are people (strange, but true!), with their own lives and plans for their future. Eventually, they unchain themselves from their workstations, and either go home to family and a life outside of STO, or go on to new projects and employment outside of STO.

The players should, as Shatner said on Saturday Night Live, "get a life". Stop thinking that STO is doomed because one or more Devs leave. Sure, be a bit disappointed.

But play the game, enjoy the game. And remember, it's only a game!


suricatta 06-28-2012 07:09 AM

It's also worth pointing out that the dev team apparently consists of over 40 developers, all of which I am sure are skilled in their own areas. Yes, we've lost a few devs that used the forusm alot, but over the last 2 years many devs have come and gone with no issues (just most didn't notice as they wern't that big on using the forums). So whilst its a shame we've lost a few devs, people should assume that just because they used the forums that they were 'the best devs', not saying they wern't skilled, but its a tad unfair on the rest of the dev team to assume they arn't that good or know what they are doing simply because they choose not to/or don't have time to, use the forums.

seannewboy 06-28-2012 07:21 AM

Actually its no different than how most people are in their own jobs. Your business/division may have over 200 people (or more). You only know so many of them, when Jim in accounting(whom you never met) leaves you dont really care. However when Susan from 3 cubicles over leaves your devastated, "this place will never be the same". So its not that the people expressing sorrow over the recent departures are not over the top. We may not know Steve the composer at cryptic but we do know Heretic, love or hate him. Its not that we dont have lives, we just like to acknowledge those we have come to appreciate (or despise).

cormoran 06-28-2012 07:35 AM

So we're allowed to be fans of some artists like actors or musicians, but we need to get a life if we are fans of other artists like game developers?

I enjoy that people like these devs, it's something i'd like to see a lot more of in gaming. Too often we only know about the studio, or even just the publisher, hardly any actual developers get even close to the fandom that those in different fields of entertainment get. Unfortunately OP, the industry agrees with you and does it's part in crushing any game dev that gets popular enough to make their bosses sweat over salary.

We need more video game dev rock stars.

thoroon 06-28-2012 08:03 AM

Remember the good old 90s ...

Sid Meier (I have an autographed Civilization at home, very proud of)
Richard Garriott
Peter Molyneux (he was quite a good one)

It's part of human live to worship someone and/or something. Without it, mankind wouldn't even try to develop (small pun). Wether be it Religion, Musics, Writing, Artists, Comics etc.
People "love" worshipping (both ways).

Heck, some worship a Spaghetti Monster, dinosaurs worshipped a potato, it's in our genes!

drudgy 06-28-2012 08:14 AM

Is it so wrong to have a few Dev Fav's? Al Rivera is personally one of my favorites, however that's not to say the rest of the team isn't just a good? I really respect everyone on the STO team who takes a lot of their personal time to get on podcasts, develop new toys, and burn the midnight oil so to speak for us. The game is absolutely beautiful and I can't attribute it to any one Dev, but the leadership of Dan Stahl, and all the hard working people at Cryptic who bring me my own little piece of Star Trek History.

reyan01 06-28-2012 08:19 AM

Certainly don't worship them, but I do respect them for the (often overlooked) work that they put into making STO an enjoyable experience that I want to log into every day.

anthonyxmas1 06-28-2012 08:20 AM


Originally Posted by cormoran (Post 4471711)
So we're allowed to be fans of some artists like actors or musicians, but we need to get a life if we are fans of other artists like game developers?

No, I mean "get a life" if a player believes that the whole entire MMO is utterly doomed if their favorite Dev leaves. It's the excessive worship of a Dev which I find troubling.

The MMO may change in small or big ways, but don't write off the MMO because a Dev leaves.

As to fans of actors or musicians, if they change genres or retire, it's not the end of the acting or musical world, or even of a band or a TV series. Or even a franchise. The James Bond films and Dr. Who programs are still around, yet actors change in those regularly.

(strange, both U.K. franchises ... no U.S. franchises with changing lead actors immediately come to mind :redface: )

In other words, Star Trek Online LIVES! :biggrin:

anthonyxmas1 06-28-2012 08:20 AM


Originally Posted by thoroon (Post 4472351)
... dinosaurs worshipped a potato

That's news to me! What's that mean?


anthonyxmas1 06-28-2012 08:25 AM


Originally Posted by drudgy (Post 4472571)
Is it so wrong to have a few Dev Fav's?

No, of course not. But as per my post and title of my post, it's the EXCESSIVE worship and resulting doom-and-gloom for STO that is an issue to me.

And if an STO Dev turns into Jim Jones offering you poisoned Kool-Aid, or says kill yourself like Nichelle Nichols' brother did in the Heaven's Gate cult, you had better wise up and RUN! :wink:

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