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ferdzso0 06-29-2012 01:51 AM

Deep Space Science Vessel build by ferdzso
prescript: I know I rant a lot, and I wrote loads of useless lines of word (like this), so I am sorry for that, also I added a picture to the beginning, so you can just skip my comments

I have put together a build, which I think is pretty effective for STFs (not for PVP though). I must point out, that this build is customized for me, so if anyone should find it good, they should tweak it, because I know, as this is, it is not the most effective build (for me it is).
note that I do not even want to pretend I know what I am doing on a level that you might find here on the forums, however there are not many sci builds, so I thought I add this to the list, someone might find it useful (maybe someone who knows their stuff maximizes this build's potential).

so I do not advise anyone to copy this, though as I said, this is rather effective. I tested it in PVE, and I barely feel the step back in DPS from my fleet escort (I assume that is because I love using gravity well with exploding ships :))

skill wise I have done some crimes against everything (I dunno which is worse, the skills of mine, or the console setup, but I like this the way it is). I know I should not really max out any skill, but I prefer a small step in a skill that I like, over a big step in a skill, that might be useful (bad mentality).

here is a picture of the equipment on the ship

skills and boff abilities and whatnot on stoacademy

for the devices I really have to press to give it the shield battery and subspace field modulator. I did not put that many healing skills in there, so in a situation where you have loads of enemies coming at you, you might run out of shields pretty fast (I tend to). the third device can be loads of things. deuterium surplus might be a good idea, however you have evasive maneuvers, and ramming speed for quick escapse and movement. weapon battery would be a great thing also, especially if you use the weapons at maximum power, even when it makes no sense at all (you will see). so yeah, use weapon batteries instead of the scorpion fighters, especially if you are a sci captain, who has photonic fleet (yes, I know I qualify for that, but note I said this is a personal build)
Polarize Hull I can be changed to something else, I dont really use it, but comes in handy from time to time, and I didnt find anything useful instead of it (basically I have to use it rarely, but when I have to use it, I really need it).
the other skills are pretty self explanatory

front: dual tetryon beam bank, and two photon torpedos
back: tetryon turrets

tetryon is my choice because of the shield drain, and photon torpedos is a choice because I like the pure dps number, plus I like to face my enemies most of the time (especially since most sci abilities require you to face the enemy, so there is no point in not facing them, especially with the good turnrate the ship has). for the torpedos I have three blue projectile weapon doffs on space duty. with those the quantum torpedos did not feel right, however with purple officers I would say they would work (also there is a possibility for a transphasic torpedo build if and when the 40% penetration hits holodeck). also, I tested with three torps, and the blue doffs are not good enough for that. purple doffs might be good there too. however the beams are important to get subsystem targeting. yes you can put beams in the back, but I like if I dont have to move a lot (even if my ship is built for good turnrate)

consoles (now, you dont want to copy this :D)

engineering: 3x RCS mk xi

mk xi because it is cheap, and 3x because I like good turnrate. yes, I lose a lot (AFRAKKINGLOT) of defense and healing, but I still prefer the turnrate over these. one or two RCSs should be changed though

science: grappler, graviton pulse generator, assimilated module, theta radiation vents

yes, I basically put all my special consoles into the sci slots. assimilated module is a must for the borg bonus, plus it has neat stats, and graviton plulse generator is just another crowd control ability. the two that can be left out are the grappler and the theta radiation vents. grappler comes in handy for me (when I mess up with gravity well, and the weaker ship is too far from the others, so the warp core wont hurt them). the theta radiation deals shield damage, which is again good for my torpedos. as the grappler substitutes for tractor beam, this substitutes venting warp plasma

tactical: 2x tetryon pulse generator

it would be logical to use some photon dmg boost, but getting the shields is important, and I have the beams there for that. if and when I get the omega set, I will ditch at least one of these for the photon detonation assembly

as for sets I use the borg with a MACO mk XII shield. however I do not want to use that. sadly I do not have the mk xii omega engine (or mk xi for that matter). I would say for this setup the best option would be the two pieces of borg (deflector and console) and the omega shields and engines (shield drain is really useful).

power levels

weapons: 115/100
shields: 57/35
engines: 61/35
auxiliary: 63/30

here you might wanna lower weapons and add it to aux or shields

well, I guess that is it. I hope you like it, and wont tear me apart because of its "noobieness" (however I do not think this qualifies, because I know where it is wrong :))

sorry for writing long comments on it, but I guess if you just wanted to see the build you checked the picture at the beginning.

thanks for your time, and I really hope someone will find something useful in here.

puhpuhplatre 07-12-2012 10:47 AM

I love that web site. I was typing my builds on to word doc's for reference, but now I can use this.


dknight0001 07-12-2012 05:21 PM

Your ship looks very much like mine, except I don't run power to Weapons since it doesn't effect my main DPS which is Torpedoes. I shoud point out I'm L30 and running the Intrepid refit based on Cygone's intrepid build and I felt like carrying that build over to a Deep Space. Remember the Intrepid Refit adds an extra Eng BOFF ens so it mirrors the Deep Space with a Lt. Sci instead of a Lt.Com.

I use 2 High Yields, 2 Tractor Beam 1s (DOFF enhanced), Tachyon Beam 2 & 3 (DOFF enhanced) and Charged Particle Burst 3 for my L4 Sci Skill. I can drop the shields on 3 NPC BOPs and kill them with a Photonic Shockwave Torp easily. If one gets away snare him with a Tractor Beam and finish him off.

Since your using Tetryon and Weapons power, you might want to Run Omega Shields and Deflector for the Tetryon Glider. I've been told the Disruptor Procs are better with low power but.

ferdzso0 07-13-2012 12:31 AM

I must say, that I have revamped this idea, my skill build is totally different, plus there are some adjustments in the build too.

at this point it is very very effective (this build was good too, but it was not as good as it is now).
I will make adjustments to my original post as soon as I can, because I fell like sharing it (it really performs a lot lot lot better than the original build of mine)

dalnar83 07-13-2012 12:36 AM

I think using Nebula with Aux to Damp, would yield a much more better turning experience while freeing up engineering slots.

archer586969 07-13-2012 01:09 AM

Err... I just use plasma Beam arrays and Plasma torpedos because they work well together, lol, Im not very technically minded when it comes to MMO's.

Im going to add, Looking good from a simple player's perspective :D

afree100 07-13-2012 01:16 AM

Well my Deep Space Science did 2500 DPS on CSE with all tetryon beams 6 points on energy weapon stuff except Crit Hit chance/dmg which i did zero for.

Fatal Flaw in build (No Tac Team) can't see how that can possibly be good.

ferdzso0 07-13-2012 01:20 AM


Originally Posted by afree100 (Post 4752851)
Well my Deep Space Science did 2500 DPS on CSE with all tetryon beams 6 points on energy weapon stuff except Crit Hit chance/dmg which i did zero for.

Fatal Flaw in build (No Tac Team) can't see how that can possibly be good.

I do not rely on tac team that much (plus the shield abilities work just fine, if I camp.

oh, btw how did you count your DPS? just asking, because I am right now (not with this, but the upgraded build edit: when holodeck is live, I refresh the stuff here) getting numbers around 3500

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