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spidermitch0 06-29-2012 08:50 AM

═══ STO Ship Charts by SpiderMitch ═══
To all those that supported and used these charts:
I have enjoyed making these charts & contributing to the passion of this community. It's what's tied me to this game (in an unofficial capacity) and I've always looked at this project as a "labor of love." But moving forward, I don't think I can give the attention needed to continue making this resource - at least not in the capacity that everyone using it deserves. I used to keep track of the dev blogs and listen to podcasts, anticipating new ships as they came out (often showing on the shipcharts with "placeholders"). I was usually on tribble with the test ships AS SOON as they were available; those that weren't on Tribble, I'd beg others for screenshots of the latest and greatest ship. With time constraints on me and working two jobs just to make ends meet, I really don't think I can continue, no matter how much I wish I could. If it was a paid gig, then yeah! bring it on! but, as I said, it's always been a "labor of love" and sometimes, love just isn't enough. *sad panda*

Don't want to leave on a sad note though... I again want to thank everyone who's supported this project and gave me encouragement. Working on something like this for the better part of 2 years is a commitment I have enjoyed and held proudly. It's our love of Star Trek & it's ideals that unites us all - as a community and through our humanity, and I've learned so much through doing this for everyone.

Thanks & I'll see you all in the stars...

STO FEDERATION Ship Tier Chart v8.1.8 (Updated 7/6/12)
  • Future FED chart changes:
    • Maybe change Oddysey subclass consoles to numeric (like the rest of the chart now)
    • Change angles on Exploration & Assault Cruisers to match the rest of the chart
  • Most recent FED Chart Changes
    • FED v8.1.8 (7/06/12):
      • Cleaned up alot of rows / text / etc...
      • Retrofit all ship silhouettes (HUDs) with Shield stats & Graphic
      • Replaced all impulse trails & added IMP ##
      • changed all console bars to single bar with numeric stat
      • changed Fleet Escort section title to Blockade Escort
      • changed MVAM Escort & Heavy Escort Carrier's HULL amount to new amount
    • FED v8.1.5 - v8.1.6 (6/17/12):
      • Added device slot count on the Adv Odyssey Just stuck it at the top for lack of better placing LOL :rolleyes:
      • Corrected prices of Lieutenant Commander FED ships, it is 15 000 dilithium, not 40k (thx Toiva)
      • Resized entire chart to accomidate for new VA tier column
      • Added Heavy Escort Carrier section with stats
      • Added new Shield UI HUD element and stat for Oddy, Atrox and Armitage
    • FED v8.1.3 - v8.1.4 (5/5/12):
      • Recreated Advanced Odyssey Cruiser section: moved Subclasses to the right, Broke apart all consoles, Changed color of console backdrops, & grouped with Subclasses
      • Add the Caitian Atrox Carrier LCARsish section & stats
      • Correct positions of some of the class lines
      • Correct Star Cruiser impulse stat (15)
      • Correct Tactical Escort - Retrofit impulse stat (20)
    • FED v8.1.2 (4/16/12):
      • Removed all Shuttles / Fighters (they are now on the SS Ship Chart - see below)
      • Replaced Odyssey pics (2nd year anniversary giveaway) with Odyssey Advanced Cruiser (c-store ship) pics
      • Modified Odyssey subclass config sections
    • FED v8.1.1 (3/29/12):
      • Added Subclass information to Odyssey Advanced Cruiser & Stat changes.
    • FED v8.1.0 (2/27/12):
      • Added Yellowstone section, stats, angles
      • Moved and corrected some stuff on Shuttlecraft row
    • FED v8.0.8 - v8.0.9 (2/20/12):
      • Revamped background of Cardassian Galor section
      • modified bkg of Magellan
      • Replaced all ship pictures of Advanced Escort, Fleet Escort, Star Cruiser, Recon Science Vessel, & Deep Space Science Vessel / all classes with newer HQ shots & angles. (still have Exp Cruisers & Assault Cruisers to go)
  • Link to Archived FED Chart Changes

STO Shuttle & Special Ship Chart v1.1.3 (Updated 07/05/12)
  • Upcoming SS chart changes
    • Retrofit all ships (maybe shuttles, not sure) with shield HUD in stats w SHD modifier stat
  • Most recent SS Chart Changes
    • SS v1.1.3 (07/05/12):
      • Replaced Ferengi Na'Far Shuttle price text to icon of Lobi Crystal
      • Replaced Ferengi Na'Far Shuttle HUD icon with correct ship silhouette
      • Added Caitian Stalker Fighter section, stats & pics
      • Added Tuffli Class Freighter section, stats & pics
    • SS v1.1.1 - 1.1.2 (05/02/12 - 05/03/12):
      • Added Cross-Faction ship: Ferengi D???Kora
      • Added Cross-Faction Shuttle: Ferengi Na???Far Shuttle
    • SS v1.0.1 - v1.0.8 (04/13/12):
      • Corrected Yellowstone crew (5 not 4)
      • Altered colors & KDF banner
      • Added 02 flag for second year anniv text for Bortas
      • Added Bortas (2nd Year Anniversary give away)
      • Added Odyssey (2nd Year Anniversary give away)
      • Added KDF Shuttles / Fighters
      • Added FED Shuttles / Fighters
      • Added Cross-Faction Ships (Jem'Hadar Bug & Cardassian Galor)
      • Corrected Jem'Hadar Attack Ship Crew (50 not 300)
  • Link to Archived SS Chart Changes

  • Upcoming KDF chart changes
    • Still need the following console / wep icons: ChTang, Varanus
  • Most recent KDF Chart Changes
    • KDF v6.1.6 (4/10/12):
      • Replaced Bortasq (2nd year anniv giveaway) pics with Bortasqu' (c-store) & subclass configs & stats
      • Removed JemHadar & Cardassian Galor sections (will be moved to the upcoming SS Chart)
      • Removed Shuttlecraft & Fighter sections (will be moved to the upcoming SS Chart)
      • Added Console for Scourge Destroyer
    • KDF v6.1.5 (2/19/12):
      • Corrected most usability text on all console infos
      • Added Galor Section Stats & Shots (thx to Framesplicer of the 12th Fleet for the shots!)
      • Resized JemHadar section
    • KDF v6.1.4 (2/12/12):
      • Added VA ship: Bortas pics, stats & backdrop
      • Changed KarFi backdrop
  • Link to Archived KDF Chart Changes

spidermitch0 06-29-2012 08:51 AM

---Shipchart's External Community Feedback---
External Community Feedback

suricatta 06-29-2012 08:53 AM

Weeeeee, new thread, Reminds me I need to remake my old one as well! :-)

Looking forward to seeing how the new Fleet starbase ships will fall into the current tier setup, its getting really messy now! :-P

suricatta 06-29-2012 09:16 AM

According to Al in the latest Priority One podcast, 'Fleet Escorts' are been renamed 'Patrol Escorts', so they don't get confused with the new Fleet ships, just so ya know :-)

Also, according to Al, they are adding 45 new ships with the fleet system, including retrofits of almost all ships 'above' tier 1 :-)

trek21 06-29-2012 09:23 AM

I guess that would make sense, changing Fleet Escorts to Patrol Escorts :) Fleets get their own special ships, so there probably would be confusion.

It's a shame to leave the old thread... but with the charts here, this one will quickly build up just like it :)

toiva 06-29-2012 10:15 AM

Yay! Congrats on starting anew (well, thankfully just the forum posts, not the charts). :D

Wish you good luck on future updating. ;)

Also, thanks, we owe you much.

artan42 06-29-2012 10:50 AM

Fantastic charts. Do you have the images for the Stalker Fighter? If not I do.
Also the Tuffli-Class Freighter is now in DOF packs.
Also if I may; the Shuttle charts might look better if the Fed Shuttles where arranged in this order: Class F, Type 8, Type 10, Delta, Danube, Yellowstone, Peregrine, Stalker, Tal'Kyr, Yacht. So Shuttle, Flyer, Runabout, Fighters, and Auxiliary craft.

Also have you thought about making a pets chart?

spidermitch0 06-29-2012 11:21 AM


Originally Posted by artan42 (Post 4494351)
Fantastic charts. Do you have the images for the Stalker Fighter? If not I do.
Also the Tuffli-Class Freighter is now in DOF packs.
Also if I may; the Shuttle charts might look better if the Fed Shuttles where arranged in this order: Class F, Type 8, Type 10, Delta, Danube, Yellowstone, Peregrine, Stalker, Tal'Kyr, Yacht. So Shuttle, Flyer, Runabout, Fighters, and Auxiliary craft.

Also have you thought about making a pets chart?

Haha. Probably a 'no thx' to the shuttle pets chart, since I've been limiting the charts to 'what a player can fly' and for now, I'll probably keep em like that. Unless it's an afterthought that goes on the Shuttle/Special (SS) chart. Lemme mull it over... ;)

I currently have shots from the Freighter and the Stalker Fighters, so I'll be adding that to the SS chart as soon as I get around to updating it (hopefully this weekend!)

About rearranging the SS chart: I'll look into what to do when I go adding the above-mentioned ships. I may take your suggestion, or put it as an 'order in which it comes out'... not sure yet tho. Either way, thx for the input. :)

trek21 06-29-2012 11:57 AM

After looking closely at the Odyssey's device icon, i thought about where to place it, since you're not sure

I think maybe instead of where it is now, it should be placed in the header, directly to the right of the pricing. The devices are always placed near other important info (consoles slots and unique consoles), but with the Odyssey and it's 3 variants, that wouldn't look right.

By placing it near the pricing, you're also placing it above the ship's other stats (hull, weapon slots, etc), keeping the trend, somewhat. I think it's a good alternative :)

And also, maybe you can do the same to the other ships. Because now that I look at the Fed chart closely, the third ship variant in most places is a little squished under the device icon. By changing this, you can align them up a little more.

What do you think?

trek21 06-29-2012 02:51 PM

Having listened to the new PriorityOne podcast, we have new info about the upcoming Fleet Starships: (still subject to change though)

Will be Fleet only (had to be said)
Will ALL be Tier 5
Total of 40+ ships to be added, divided between Fed and KDF (these ships are retrofits/refits of existing ones, but they will have new materials for the refit skins)
These ships will not have the C-Store skin options, or C-Store only consoles, unless you have bought the ship (Then you can use them on the new Fleet ships)
Some will have 10 console slots of various arrangements, and some will have +10% to shields and hull (some because not all info is available; no other stat info is available either)

This might be fairly obvious... but this would wreck HAVOC on your charts if you added 20 ships to each chart's Tier 5 sections. You might have to consider a Fleet-only chart(s) to add this... :eek:

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