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wildmousex 07-02-2012 12:45 PM

crash, then launcher not working.
I tried to launch the mission that is after the vault this morning for the first time- It said "patching 13 files..." then crashed.

after that, When I log into the launcher, It says "patching" in the lower left hand corner - but even after being left alone for half an hour, has not done a darn thing.

I've tried a force verify, and to launch in safe mode without any luck. I am taking it upon myself to redownload the launcher to see if that will help me any, - open to any other suggestions.

wildmousex 07-02-2012 01:32 PM

I was able to relaunch the game by rebooting my computer. The mission is "Frozen: the Chase" - I tried it two more times, both times it crashed... I was able to do the patrol mission available at the same planet, but actually trying to do the mission ends in a fatal crash every time. - trying to verify files when I run the launcher, hangs the launcher. - will be skipping this mission, please fix.

afromaimer 12-08-2012 03:44 PM

this is not a question..... i have figures out why the update launcher will not load on star trek online some peoples computers and they time out!!! it recently happened to my friend and it took us 3 days to figure out but what he did was log into his account from another computer and account guard asked for an authentication code from email which was used... but then the original computer/browser was deleted from the account so my m8 had to log in to the account guard and re accept their computer/browser

go to

login then click on my account

The Account Guard tools are on the secure portion of the website, and require a second login. To get there:

Click "Create/Manage Subscriptions"

Log in to the secure site
Click on "Main Menu" in the upper right of the box.
Click on "Manage Account Guard"

if at any point it asks you for a password that has been emailed to you you have done it

you should see that your computer id has been added to the list so you can now play!!

cmon thats gotta be worth a few dlithium!!!!

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