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raptorone 07-03-2012 08:03 AM

My humble requests...
Just a few little requests from me...

1. Leveling up in the game is too easy. I was a paid player for 2 months and in that time I reached level 50 just shy of 3 weeks. For me that's much too fast as I didn't get to enjoy most levels before I had advanced yet again.

2. Leveling too quickly means that doing things like system patrol missions are pretty well useless as they give XP and no other reward beside the occasional loot. I have all my officers maxed out, all slots filled and a whole collection of officers wanting to join my bridge. What am I supposed to do with them all? I've got more bridge officer skill points than I'll ever need...can we find a way to keep things going for Vice Admirals? Perhaps energy credits or small dilithium rewards? If not perhaps a way to train up officers and "sell" them? (Not like slaves, more like college tuition?)

Other than that I love the game, just need more goals and rewards I suppose.

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