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havam 07-10-2012 07:44 AM

Putting the pvp back into the KDF -opvp fleet
With Season 6 on the horizon, I started wondering what is going to happen to all those pvping KDF alts. For once, most players will have FED mains and start grinding for starbases with those. Hence, fleet ships and gear will be FED side first. Leaving many KDF toons in the dust or attempt to grind solo. Since fleet-missions are not cross-faction this brings back bad memories of trying to assemble KDF team for STFs back in the day. This plan is the result of talking to a few pvpers already, and based on the general feedback I hope that more will join us to make this work.

Let us show that our BoPs and Vor'chas still rock the queues. Sto'vo'kor's Rising is a fleet to help mainly opvpeeps to pool our resources. It is understood that many if not all members will have fed mains, and are members of different fleets. If you would like to have a chance at keeping your KDF toon up to snuff, feel free to contact any member when you are online.

This is not a TSI run project, nor a Panda's indoctrination camp (sorry they'll keep their hax to themselves). We currently have 4 leaders @mavairo, @4monkeys, @zorena, and @havam. There will always be members affiliated with different fleets keeping the control over the starbase.

Given the current state of the faction, it is likely that every now and then more then one fleet member will appear in the queues together. Since this is a fleet open to many, there will not be any rules about abilities or setups for queuing for pvp. I don't like the spam and P2W crap and don't have it myself, but none of us plans to enforce any rules for PuGs.

I hope that this can be a place for our KDF toons, to find groups of talented players to have some fun and to give everyone the chance to get their hands on the new ships. Recruiting will start later tonight and continue for as long as there is demand. Bring one of your alts, bring your main, most importantly have some fun blowing up feds.


rjam0 07-10-2012 08:09 AM

What a good idea! I was told that not as many resources will be devoted to the KDF Starbase...this is an awesome opportunity to experience what the KDF have to offer :)

Sign me up ;)

K'Miseol T'Likna@Jam0

orondis 07-10-2012 08:33 AM

With the KDF population so low, this is not just awesome, it's needed.

Consider my Klinks signed up. :)

aquitaine985 07-10-2012 09:57 AM

Great idea, though i'll only be moving one klink to said fleet, mostly because I dont want to impede the fleet with toons I dont intend to use for PVP and thus increase the starbase prices.

Strumm@Aquitaine985 :)

havam 07-10-2012 10:09 AM

good news everyone, sign-ups have started, and things are looking bright. I ll be on tribble for a bit, but will send out more invites next time I'm on holo. You can always get an invite by searching for the fleet "Sto'Vo'Kor's Rising" as long as one player is online. Shooting a message in opvp probably works as well

naffoffpwe 07-10-2012 10:47 AM

Sounds like just what I need as I've got one KDF in a fleet of 5 people and two others going solo.

Will put a shout in OPvP tonight.

bitemepwe 07-10-2012 10:50 AM

I know that Pathfinder (Hauk of GoS) is working on a KDF alliance fleet to gather individuals together for the purpose of constructing a star base.

Somewhere there is a thread on it........

zorandra 07-10-2012 11:06 AM

I dont like the fleetname!

naevius 07-10-2012 11:13 AM

Sign me up! (I'll ping Mavairo in game.)

I have a number of idle KDF toons...

p2wsucks 07-10-2012 11:22 AM

I have a couple of toons which will probably be in other KDF PvP fleets if I join a fleet. My concern at this point is the amount of PvE grinding required for fleets and the faction gated nature of the grinding queues. This does 2 things:

1. Further distorts the PvE vs PvP play time per toon regardless if a PvP toon or not. Not to mention reducing of fun factor by requiring such grind to get the new resources.

2. Further reduces KDF access to PuG PvE grind as well as provides less KDF alt resources for the grinding as people w/Fed mains will focus their grinding there.

This allows for the Dev pretext of ROI to dump KDF/PvP development resources.

The issues of faction gating the things like NWS (needed PvE grind content) was brought up on tribble awhile back and basically we will be stuck w/it.

Still, having different fleets agree to build complementry rather than redundant starbase resources and allowing players to hop from fleet to fleet to acquire each fleets' unique resources may be a option. I just don't know if the mechanics are such that fleets won't want to let someone come in and spend their fleet resources if it takes away from the fleet resource purchasing opportunities of permanent members.

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