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dracounguis 07-10-2012 01:33 PM

Weapon proc consoles
Maybe someone's thought of this already, but I was just thinking what if there was a console that gave you the special proc of different weapons. There's already a pile of dual special ability weapons out there and some 'tetryon glider' and 'polaron leech' things. So doesn't seem like much of a stretch.

For example: You run with phasers, but would also like to have plasma special ability too so you pop on the Add Plasma console. To keep it from being OP you make it a Sci console so TAC monsters aren't out there with all the weapon abilites & it could good buff for Sci Captains to use) or maybe make it's proc rate less than the regular weapon proc.

Or maybe you do make it a tac console and make escorts decide if they want another +X% or extra proc ability.

Or an Eng console, then my Eng Oddy can mount every type of weapon proc,
Mount APs then have 5 Weapon Proc consoles. ;)

Just an idea for future items.

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