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synkr0nized 07-13-2012 05:39 PM

S6 UI updates, thanks
I thought maybe a thanks thread would be nice to read.

With season six, you've given us some great UI updates.
- holstering weapons -- seriously I was considering buying a whip only because it was visible on my character, so as this improves for more weapons that's rad -- especially as it's toggle-able

- PvE queue button is back on the map! (sorry to PvP folks, though, I guess)

- prominent fleet button makes tons of sense

- Notification fly-by options! Holy crap, thought that was a longshot. This was amazing to log in and see! Probably one of the best things rolled out in the update (OK, hyperbole, but it made me really happy).

So thanks for these "little things" included with the big content update.

DX11 also seems to continue to look better.

ascendantflame 07-18-2012 01:01 PM

The UI updates are all brilliant... other than the massive amount of wasted space they added in the Dilithium section of the assets inventory. The text explaining what the dilithium store is could be in a tooltip and, well, my signature image says the rest.

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