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vetteguy904 07-15-2012 08:35 AM

Escort questions
First question:

losing the multivector console, and adding a fourth tac console, does it make the MVAE viable since it is the only escort with a LCDR sci?

AP cannons, it seems to be common consensus that heavy duals are better than duals, however for the commonly available cannons, are the heavy [acc][CrtD][Dmg] superior to the dual [acc]x2 [dmg]??

dknight0001 07-15-2012 06:03 PM

Don't put the Multi Vector Console into the Tac Console sections use it in Sci or Engineering.

The MVAE is very viable it's Lt.Com Sci slot is great for Crowd Control in STFs.

The Dual with [Acc]x2 are better because [Acc]x2 is the minimum you should be getting on your weapons.

Dual and Dual Heavy both do the same DPS, but Dual Heavy fire more damaging shots slower where as Dual fire less damaging shots faster.

If your running a Tetryon or Polaron build the DC's are far better. With AP it's a hard call more shots mean more crits, but bigger shots mean bigger crits.

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