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tebsu 07-15-2012 02:31 PM

STF idea - limit to ship class
Just an idea i had today.

I usually fly with my JHAS, but today, i switched to my Nebula class retrofit just for fun. It turned out, STFs are MUCH harder then because the Nebula just isnt something you should join the first line of battle with. The STF became interesting again (as i had to think about what i have to do when, not like with my JHAS where i just fire everything i have).

Now what about this:

make a filter for private games, for example you can set up a maximum class, rank of ships or just limit it to one class only. Seeing 5 Nebula's would be quite funny i think. And also if someone wants to have a Delta Flyer only STF, let them do it. Would make things interesting again.

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