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hp1239 07-16-2012 09:26 PM

EV Suits and Away Teams
As much as I enjoyed seeing the Tholians introduced, I hope that Nukara is not the only area we will encounter them. Im hoping we get a real story thread out of them. The EV suits that are awarded on Nukara are ok but they are all variations on the same. I think it would be nice if their were career specific suits like the kits. Tactical EV suits would be more streamlined (liek the ones worn by Security Escort on Nukara) and possibly incorporate some built in heavy weapon. Science suits a little bulkier but include a built in hypo and maybe sheild or medical generator built in. Engineer suits would be the existing suits but with maybe the addition of some bunker busting tools or maybe even a personal Tractor-Repulsor beam (very usueful to beat Tholian Trappers at their own game). Lastly, I hope we get the chance to use away teams in ev suits but a way to activate the away team suits needs to be added as they wont turn on their own. Thanks for reading!

sumghai 07-16-2012 09:46 PM

The one thing I want out of this whole EV suit deal -

The ability to equip my toon and my away team with the same Starfleet white and red EV suits worn by the Nukara Prime Starfleet NPCs.

I'd throw money - real money - at Cryptic for this.

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