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bayonettawiccan 07-21-2012 06:53 PM

"You cannot purchase 'Classified Access Codes' because your inventory is full"
Can someone tell me how to fix that? I keep on getting that message.

ttepe1 07-21-2012 10:39 PM

I am having the same problem. I put a ticket, hopefully they can fix it

cryocaustic 07-22-2012 02:41 PM

Same here as well. I was able to get the items before Season 6 as I created a new toon shortly before the update so possibly it is bugged from Season 6 :(

darkthorne70 07-22-2012 05:44 PM

I tried it also
I can claim a red matter capacitor but I cant claim anything else
Access codes
ambassador title
Special Envoy title
Career Officer title

I started the new toon just after they did the account migration to Perfect World but before season 6 launched and I have submitted tickets about it with no response (of course)

chadhughes145 07-26-2012 02:21 AM

yes....$300 for a lifetime and I cant even get my classified access codes...thanks....

ashkrik23 07-26-2012 08:49 AM

I am also having this issue. I can't even claim the S5 title and ship slot. I sent in a ticket and am on day 3 with no response.

azurianstar 07-26-2012 12:05 PM

I've also encountered this glitch as well just in the last week after creating new Alts.

Couldn't claim the codes, the F2P Testing rewards, titles, and some gear as well. Saying "Inventory is full". Made CSR Tickets, and they have yet to respond.

harveyclone 07-26-2012 01:57 PM

Thanks all now i know its a bug going to put a ticket in

theindefatigable 07-26-2012 11:24 PM

It is a bug. I had access to the Captain's Table due to being a veteran player; but when two friends and I all purchased lifetime subs recently, we all had this problem, leaving me as the only one with access to the Table (a nifty and pretty base for sure) and none of us with access to the "Career Officer" title in-game.

One of my friends requested GM Help and got a message saying it's a bug and the devs are working on it. Given that the Foundry has been down since the start of season 6, and given that the Tailor and Mail just (partially) broke with the latest patch, and given that the devs are probably being forced by PWE to concentrate on milking us for all we are worth with all of the new paid, per-character content...I wouldn't bet on this getting fixed for a while.

Boy, I am cranky tonight! A bunch of bad STF's and a bit of gin will do that, I guess...:mad:

bayonettawiccan 07-27-2012 01:49 AM

I knew I wasn't the only one getting this message.

Oh and yeah, I can't claim my crash test tribble title and I believe career officer title as well.

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