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guard1an4 07-21-2012 10:07 PM

Featured Episodes and crafting
First let me say all in all i like most of the changes to the game. However, there is 2 items that i would like to see changed tho.

1. Featured Episodes - I think that they should not go into the mission sets but be separate as they are not normal missions but a special set of missions. Let me explain some why i think this.

First off, they were put in as a featured series not part of the quest series in the game, so i don't think they should be in the story quest series of the game but seperate that more people can play at a wider range of levels. I think they should be like the used to be have to be fed level 9 or something like that and same for the respective klingon level. I used to play them a lot when i was leveling a toon but i can't do that till lvl 45 or higher for some.

Second, There is a lot of missions like the undine series that you can't do to max lvl. i will be honest my last guy i made is a fed eng he has run assimlation and that is it out of that series because at that point i was max lvl and i wanted to run stfs for gear not missions that didn't give as good of gear as i can get running stfs. I am not asking the gear be upped on the missions but that you lower the lvl a bit for running them so you don't have to be max lvl when you run them.

My second item that i would like to see changed is crafting, to be very honest i loved crafting before dilithium came into the game and now i don't even look at it. Don't get me wrong i liek the dilithium system for the most part but i hate it in crafting at all. to me it makes crafting a waste of time. in the old system i used crafting to help my alts more than anything else but now i think it cost too much dilithium to bother with to be honest, it should either give a bigger discount on the dilithium cost or take less crafting mats.

To me i used the crafting system to get my gear in a different way in the old system(which besides crafting i don't want back) either i could work in getting emblems or marks or whatever, or i could working on getting crafting mats and make the stuff i wanted. But with the new system i have to spend time getting the mats and still have to farm dilithium as well. When i could spend a little bit more time and just get dilithium and buy it outright then spending time finding the crafting mats.

Having said all that i am not trying to gripe or complain i mean this as constructive critism and i hope that is the way it comes across, i don't have all the answers and can understand some of the issues but i thought i would voice my opinion here and hopefully get a response from a dev that they read my post, even if all it says is " thanks for your feedback"

Well keep up the good work i love the new starbase system and would like to see more things like that in the game.


mikewendell 07-22-2012 05:38 AM

When a featured episode is created and released, it is separate from the story line. After the entire series is released, only then is it added to the mix.

Really moot anyway. It;s been mentioned previously that featured episodes are too cost prohibitive and we probably won;t see anymore.

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