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ikenstein1 07-22-2012 05:42 AM

cstore exploit
I reported an exploit as a ticket. Twice. It got closed. If I type the exploit here everyone will do it.

Here's a tip. When someone reports an exploit you should fix it, instead of just closing the damn ticket.

thecosmic1 07-22-2012 05:56 AM

Generally when a ticket gets closed that means it has been escalated to the appropriate division. Any forthcoming fix will be in a future patch - as they can't generally add in new code without a patch.

And sometimes it can take quite a while to find the reason for the bug. Reporting it just makes them aware of it. That's why they as you to give as much detail as possible about what you were doing so they can replicate it to find the culprit. So it's very important for them to know the exact steps you took when the bug occurred.

I remember when the Devidian series came out and there was a bug that caused many people to crash after they clicked the computers on the True Way ship in part 1. It took them weeks to find that bug - and I think it ended up being a misplaced section of layered graphics on the ceiling.

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