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dalnar83 07-22-2012 11:35 PM

STOP putting me in failed STFs already in progress
Seriously, this is beyond stupid and dumb. Several times during this weekened I ended up in Cure (Elite), where the Kang was almost destroyed, only to see it blown up to piece and get nice 1h lockdown after.

WTF is this ?

aethon3050 07-23-2012 11:10 PM

I had this happen once yesterday; I get the 'here we go' popup, I warp in...and people in teamchat are already complaining about someone who prematurely destroyed one of the Generators on ISE, while another person gave up and left (I honestly don't blame him; the escort in the group was doing less damage than the Intrepid, and one of the cruisers was using 4 turrets, 2 types of mines, and 2 types of torpedoes; I really do not know what part of ELITE these people did not understand). I'm really not that concerned about the optional objectve, since the drops there really aren't all that great...but being dropped into groups that are already failing really sucks, especially since it already takes a couple hundred runs to get all the stuff you really want.

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