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edude1701iv 07-26-2012 03:35 PM

Fleet starbase defense idea
Hey i have an idea for changing the fleet starbase defense.

On the minimap besides having a label for your team members and enemies put in a label for the other team players.

Have an overall leader that can tell the teams where to go with a type of virtual marker so you don't get times where another team moves to where your team is defending and says there defending that area while leaving there original area empty. For ex: team a defends this area a and moves on to held when they have finished with everything in area a.

Please give us a map where an overall leader in this 15-20 player mission can tell people to go and have it show up on the screen. I feel this would help overall because there have been time where i get turned around after flying back to the starbase and i end up being the only player in a particular area.

Also label each of the outlying places where the mission is taking place so if help is needed at the transwarp gate and we know that the gate is number 4 we can look at our map for number four and fly there.

I like this mission however i feel that it would be better if we had a variety of enemies and if more fleet marks were rewarded for doing it.

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