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sortof 07-27-2012 02:49 AM

Fleet Resource input user interface
I am sure there has been posts about this, did not find them by searching.

The fleet resources input is not very user friendly.

First, the trade transaction sliding bar is a great feature except it lacks an auto-complete button, and it quickly becomes tedious to drag it with your mouse. (If there is such a key, button, way, let me know)
Possible solution ? Trade acolade where after certain amounts of resources you get the ability to buy and sell in bulk (requires trade tracking, don't know if that is done, or feasible at all). Or make it a purchasable service on the Z-store, I know I'd buy it.

Second, in the fleet resource input window there should be a way for numeral input.
We share some projects in hour fleet, where everyone has to contribute a certain amount.
This is very very hard to do exactly in case of high amount, try to set the slider for 6480 dilithium, you will know what I am talking about. Possible solution: text block input, where you can set any amount, like in the case of exchange prices.

Third, the data sample/particle trace input by piece is absolutley horrible. 150 x 2 clicks to get a few thousnds worth of EC input ? Come on. Solution. No idea. Decrease the necessary amount, allow for full stacks, I don't know.

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