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tetonica 07-27-2012 06:09 PM

Guramba skills and loadout
I would like a critique of my skills and loadout for the Guramba from you kindly forumgoers please. This is for PVE stf's and fleet actions only, I don't really plan to pvp at all in this game.

I can't decide between using the following though:

3x turrets

3xdhc + 1 DBB or 3x DHC + 1 Bioneural or Quantum

For the latter I'd drop BO2 for THY2. Personally I prefer the 1st option with the synergy between using BO for both the DBB and the javelin but I'm not sure about handling the energy drain on a tac. Switching to DC's might mitigate it somewhat but I still think it might be a problem, even with the leech console.

Now for skills, is having the last 3 points in energy weapons specialization worthwhile or is there somewhere else I could be putting them that would be more worthwhile?

And lastly, some input would be nice for my ground skills(I don't really want to make a new thread just for that). Main questions for me are:

Is having any point into willpower worthwhile for PVE content?

Should I have 9 points into combat specialist or 6? How about grenades?

Any other suggestions for ground skills?

Thanks in advance for the input :)

mimey2 07-27-2012 06:55 PM

Let's take a look-see. I don't own a Guramba, but I'd like to help as best as I can.

I will start with the BOFFs

Your engineering abilities are good, but you may want to think about an E-power to weapons 1 in place of one of those E-power to shields, especially if you use a beam overload, because then you can use the BO, pop the E-power to weapons 1, which will immediately help mitigate some of the weapons drain.

The science ones, I'd recommend Polarize Hull 1 and HE 2, you are gonna need it for any kind of PvE thing. they share a cooldown, yes, but having that tractor beam immunity will save you more often than you think.

for Tactical, the two tac teams are good, keep those. I'd recommend changing the two lt. level abilities to Beta 1 and Delta 1 respectively. It provides an almost constant debuff to an enemy, and you can even slap Delta 1 on an ally who's getting attacked, which even if they die means that the enemy will probably get debuffed.

For the Lt. Cmdr slots, I'd recommend any of these:

Change Omega 1 into HY3.

Make it HY3 and Torp spread 3.

Make Omega 1 a Cannon spread 2.

Regardless, if you change the lt. level abilities into Beta and Delta, one of those three attack patterns will almost never get used.

As for the Cmdr ability, base it on what you wanna do more, either focus fire on a single target, or spread it out over a large AoE. If single targets, keep the rapid fire. If AoE, make it a spread fire three.

For your weapons, keep at least two DHCs, then either another DHC and the torpedo, or the DBB and the torpedo.

Also, Plasmonic Leech is either nerfed or bugged atm, don't use it.

Now...skills, what I do for my tac, is I have 9 points in ALL the space tac abilities except for threat control and stealth. Having only six in projectile specialization will not hurt you that much if you don't want to put them there.

About your ground skills, what I do for ALL my toons is put 6 points in all their class-specific skills, like Grenades and Combat Specialist, and then max out weapons proficiency. That allows you to be effective however you play, without majorly lacking and still having good points in your ground.

Points into Willpower is good though, it can really cut down the amount of time you are stuck in a hold and such, especially against the Borg.

Your space sci skills I don't see any problem with, those are a-ok as is.

This is just my thoughts, do what you want of course with it:

Max out Hull repair, max out structural integrity, drop all of the ' ____ performance' skills, max out warp core potential, keep six points in impulse thrusters, keep six or max out electro-plasma systems, max out hull plating, try to max out armor reinforcements but even six points is good.

If all that doesn't finish off, some other choices to add into might be...PS Generator, Combat Armor, Warp Core Efficiency, Power Insulators (mostly because of shield-draining effects).

The way I list the skills above is generally what I use on my own tac, which has a decent amount of survivability while still pushing out a lot of good damage. Putting points into Warp Core Potential, is only a Cmdr. level skill, and if you max it out, that is 5 power across the board, plus if you have weapons at 100, the 15 from an escort ship, and the Borg console equipped, you can have 125 weapons just sitting there without needing anything else.

I doubt I did this in the 'most perfect' way or anything, but that is why I use, and it seems to work well enough.

thissler 07-27-2012 07:37 PM


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