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willamsheridan 07-28-2012 10:03 AM

Escorts All cannon (or :are torpedoes useless)
I am currently Commander and flying around with my akira but i expect to be captain by monday or tuesday. Now my problem is, i read so much about all cannon builds but also about the use of torpedoes tahat i am unsure which combination is the best. Should i mix 2 DC with DCH or use More DHC, more DC or 3 cannons and 1 Torp. Is one aft torp useful or should i go with turrets (the defiant has just 2 aft slots so i thing i use turrest but i am not sure about my dervish.
What do you think? THanks

BTW: Which consoles and Boff skills are most useful

rrincy 07-28-2012 10:34 AM

As with most things in this game , use whatever you are most comfortable with :)

bohiap 07-28-2012 11:04 AM

I fly escorts in PvE, including STFs. I don't do PvP. I've found the best weapons combination is 3 DHCs, 1 torpedo launcher, and turrets in the back. If you ask around you'll find that combo pretty common.

For consoles I would use energy specific consoles. For example if you're using Anti-Proton weapons (very common) you would want anti-proton regulators. Since I use 1 quantum launcher I also through in a Zero Point Quantum Chamber. If you can avoid it don't use the generic cannon consoles. The energy specific consoles provide higher modifiers. Do the mission "Assimilation", to get the borg console, if you haven't already. Science and engineering consoles very based on your build and play style.

Boff skills vary based on play style and profession, but there are a couple that no escort pilot should be without. At least one, if not 2 tactical teams. With two tac teams you will always have shield power going to the shield face taking damage. As you do DOFF missions keep an eye out for conn officers that reduce the cooldown for tactical team. With a blue and a purple you would only need 1 tactical team Boff. However, those DOFFs are very rare and expensive (on the exchange). Most people just have two copies of tactical team and chain them. To go along with that at least one copy of Emergency Power to Shields.

The DS9 featured episode series has a Jem'hadar Bodd with torpedo spread III. It's really easy to get, you can get more than once if you need too, and it comes in handy. I happen to like torpedo spread, but some will argue that High Yield is better. I run

willamsheridan 07-28-2012 11:19 AM

THanks for the help. Hope i get some Cheap DHC by the time or I have to use 3 green DC first which i can get easily from replaying missions.

willamsheridan 07-29-2012 10:14 AM

I just wondered which cannon/beam type is the most useful, Plasma, Polaron, Tachyon, Disruptor or good old Phasers and if there is an especially good torpedo type to use.

innuwarrior 07-29-2012 01:55 PM

You can use both, all cannon of combo cannons/torp. Talking about dual heavys when talking cannons. On my defiant refit I use 3 dhc and 1 quantum torp on my defiant retro I use 4 dhc. It all depends on your bof power. On my refit with torp I use crf, csv and torp spead 3. On my retro I use 2 crf and 2 csv (1 and 3) and use best depending on circumstance, one or many target in cone of fire. I always have close to or highest dps with my retrofit so whichever works best for you, bof power is key and appropriate console. And don't forget torp work best on hull not much help on shield or very limited unless you have those transphasic torp with shield penetration

Hope that helps

erocker 07-29-2012 01:58 PM

I haven't measured actual DPS or anything but I find that having all dual tetryon cannons woks best for an all cannon build. They eat sheilds like crazy and deal plenty of damage after shields are drained. Once in a while I switch it up and use three AP DHC's with torps. It seems to me like the 4 tetryone DC's deal a bit more damage overall, but I could be wrong on that.

innuwarrior 07-29-2012 02:02 PM


Originally Posted by willamsheridan (Post 5026021)
I just wondered which cannon/beam type is the most useful, Plasma, Polaron, Tachyon, Disruptor or good old Phasers and if there is an especially good torpedo type to use.

On my tactical toon I favor Antiproton get lots of crit so highest dps for me. For my engineering toon I use phaser. With quad, 3 dhc and turrets and rapid fire, those subsystem shutdown happen a lot more often than with beam, useful in fleet event and help compensate the slightly less dps orientation of my engineer powers. But I'm still thinking about going Antiproton on him too.

ds79 07-29-2012 02:33 PM

On my Defiant Retrofit I'm using 3DHC + 1QT and 2 turrets + Mine Launcher. DHCs + turrets make colossal damage and the Torpedo launcher + BOF skills can easily finish the job. And I noticed that mines are also working very nicely for me.

dknight0001 07-29-2012 06:57 PM

Quantum Torpedoes are probably going to be your best bet here.

DC or DHC don't really matter too much as the DPS is the same. DC is more for Procs (Tetryon, Polaron, Phaser) DHC is good for raw power (Anti Proton, Disruptor). The real difference between DC and DHC is a DHC will crit harder as it's doing it's damage in fewer shots than the DC.

Plasma is a good cheap weapon, except for endgame PVP.

In an escort I see little value in mounting anything but Turrets in the back.

As for BOFFs infinite variation is out there and all are effective, and individual skill choices will decide the difference.

3 DHCs, 1 Torp Forward with 2 Rear Turrets.

TT1 > CRF1 > APO1 > CRF3
TT1 > THY2

PH1 > HE2

This focuses heavily on chaining single target damage, TT1 + CRF is available nearly all the time.

Post if you don't know what the Acronyms mean, but look through the skills and the letters will match up. Also CRF3 requires a Tac Officer to train. If you can't find somebody to help you out.

TT1 > CRF1 > CRF2 > APO2/3

APO3 can be found on Tac BOFFs fairly cheap.

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