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sinsofanempire 07-29-2012 01:59 AM

These low-res textures....
I just finished the interior design limited time project, it looks really good, apart from these annoying low-res textures:
I have all of my graphical settings up to max, and am running DX11. I ignore most of the low-res consoles and textures as much as I can, but when you have something that big on the wall, it cannot be ignored.

What about this:
I painting on the tactical level ready room. Why couldn't you just have gotten an image from the website, made it smaller, and pasted it in there?

Even this:
Are they using 800x600 screens in the future?

Modern hardware can support better textures, but the game its self can't.
A common complaint, the UI is drawn by the CPU instead of GPU. Open up the character window, and your FPS goes from 50 to 30. Why don't you fix these things? The engine is lagging behind about 5 years.


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