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vaipen 07-31-2012 04:39 AM

I am fighting the interface sometimes. The skill bars won't scale. Not all of us have wide screen monitors. With my resolution there is no room to layout the different skill bars and things, like the speed control.
It is nice you can drag them around, but they should be scalable. Right now I am overlapping several pieces of the interface otherwise they won't fit all at the bottom. The BO bar is a mess, at some point when you have many skills, one of the officers goes on the second row but you have no influence over it. That means the bar needs to be placed upwards, leaving a useless second row part wasting space.

So you keep dragging things back and forth to get to something that resembles a decent operating system so to say. And the chat window is the only way to create room, but then the window is so small its useless. It has to have some width.

nynik 07-31-2012 04:43 AM

There is a master UI scale slider in the options menu. Try it out.

You can also turn the double BO bar into a single bar again by dragging it from one of it's sides in the move mode (F12, ui elements are green).

I'd prefer to individually scale elements according to my preference, but the master UI scale slider is the next best thing.

mikewendell 07-31-2012 06:19 AM

You may have wanted to mention what your resolution is. And double check under ESC -> Options -> Visual maybe? to make sure it;s playing at that resolution. We've had a number of cases where the desktop is at one resolution while the game plays at another or the game forced it down to a lower resolution.


Originally Posted by vaipen (Post 5055081)
Not all of us have wide screen monitors.

Trust me. Doesn't look much better at 1366 x 768.

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