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whiting70583 07-31-2012 03:31 PM

SGC Diplomatic Convention
Greetings! The SGC is hosting our first SGC Diplomatic Convention and I wanted to invite you and all interested members of your fleet to this event! ALL fleet members and non-fleet individuals are welcome to attend this event, so you are welcome to spread the word. It will be hosted aboard our Starbase Midway and many fleets will be represented. The specific date and time is 1 pm Central time on AUG. 18th to best accommodate the great diversity of STO players internationally. The "beam out" coordinates will be at the Earth Spacedock Transporter Pad. SGC Personnel will be standing by to assist with beam out. All guest and dignitaries will be required to present some kind of item, EC, or other gift as they see fit. It does not matter what, as it is the symbolic nature of giving a gift to attend the Diplomatic Convention. However, it might be advantageous to present nice gifts also. I hope you and others in your fleet will consider attending!
General Jack Oneill

P.S. if you want more info pm any of the following @GenJackOneill, @whiting, @redbaron7734, @Solcee, @hawkBlack, @Janway001, or @nighthawk889

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