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zer0niusrex 07-31-2012 07:26 PM

TRIBBLE Maintenance and Release Notes - July 31, 2012
We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

EDIT: Adjusted typo in Chroniton mine proc %.

  • Updated bio-neural warhead launchers in No-Win Scenario so that the warheads are not as powerful in the first few waves after they appear.
    • Difficulty does increase rapidly in successive waves.
  • Updated the KDF Officer of the Watch mission Escort Dignitary to Starbase so that the target ship is always interactable.
  • Updated all stores to move all Pulsewave weapons to the Assault category, rather than Rifle category.
  • Starbase assignment update:
    • Explained how to get deployable phaser/disruptor turrets for the starbase Engineering assignment; now elucidated in tooltip for that item.
    • Added ability to craft 20-stacks of heavy phaser/disruptor satellite turrets on Fed/KDF crafting respectively.
  • The Follow Target camera option will no longer change to Free Camera when using the mouse and tabbing through enemies

Duty Officers:
  • Added Diplomacy assignments that will allow Fed players to purchase Heavy Satellite Turrets.
    • KDF already had access to Marauder assignments of the same nature.
  • Altered availability of all "Secure Heavy Turret Prototype" assignments to be Uncommon instead of Rare.
    • "Phaser" and "Disruptor" versions of these assignments may also appear in Federation and Klingon space, in addition to their existing locales.
  • The Species, Specialization, and Trait filters will now only show options that are available in the player's roster.
  • Added filtering to duty officer assignment chains.
  • Assignment chains now start collapsed by default.

  • Crack in the Mirror:
    • Added waypoints to devices on the ground portion of the mirror system
    • Added waypoints to the clues in the mines.
  • Seeds of Dissent:
    • Added waypoints to machines and lilies in the ground portion of mission
    • Added waypoint to spatial charges and Orra Val on colony ground portion.
  • Cage of Fire: Added waypoints to the ground portion of mission.
  • Collateral Damage: Adjusted existing and added new waypoints to the ground map.
  • State of Q: Added waypoints to the Borg devices.
  • One of the player's Bridge Officers will now appear in the dialog window after winning or fleeing a sector space encounter.
  • Accidents Happen: gave Andorian console to type on

  • Klingon Honor Guard Space Set - 2pc Bonus:
    • Corrected the bonus and associated tooltip for "Crew Regen Rate" to more accurately reflect an understandable figure.
      • This will now display on your character sheet.
    • Added an additional bonus that will slowly bring "Dead" crewmen back to a "Disabled" state, allowing them to be slowly regenerated to "Active" even during combat
      • This was the original intend of the 2pc bonus, but was not functioning correctly.
  • Force Field Dome will once again Repel all enemies within its radius while keeping them at bay for the duration of the ability.
  • Updated all Mines:
    • Reduced basic launches of Mines from 5 mines to 4 mines.
      • Adjusted core power variables up by 5% to compensate.
    • Each mine previously accounted for 20% of intended damage, now accounts for 25%
      • This change did not affect Tricobalt Mines, which already launched 1.
      • Nor did it affect Cloaked Tractor Mines, which already launched 4.
    • Number of mines launched by "Dispersal Pattern Alpha", Mine Trail, and "Dispersal Pattern Beta", Mine Spread, have been reduced:
      • Rank 1 = Reduced from 8 to 7
      • Rank 2 = Reduced from 12 to 10
      • Rank 3 = Reduced from 16 to 14
    • Recharge Times on Mine enhancing abilities have been altered.
      • Category recharge times have been reduced from 30 seconds to 15 seconds.
      • Individual ability recharges have also been reduced by 15 seconds.
        • At Rank 1 this results in the cooldown changing from 85 sec to 70 sec.
        • At Rank 9 this results in the cooldown changing from 45sec to 30sec.
      • These changes bring them in-line with Torpedo enhancement abilities.
      • Recharge time on individual Mine Launchers have not been modified.
      • This may result in a situation where your Dispersal Pattern refreshes before you can launch more mines, if you have only a single launcher equipped.
    • Adjusted damage for all Detonate powers to 125% of previous values.
      • This increase is in addition to the aforementioned 5% increase to offset fewer Mines per launch.
      • Tricobalts only adjusted to 110% of prior.
      • Transphasics balanced separately to account for increase in Shield Penetration.
        • New damage is approx. 70% of previous; see below for Shield Penetration changes
  • Photon Mines:
    • Increased agro/follow range from 2km to 3km.
    • Increased stealth value from 4825 to 4875.
      • This is about a 0.5km perception distance change.
  • Quantum Mines:
    • Increased flight speed from 25 to 45.
    • Increased explosion triggering distance from 0.4km to 0.7km.
    • Increased explosion radius on Detonation from 1.0km to 1.5km.
  • Plasma Mines:
    • Increased duration of DOT from 10sec to 15sec.
      • Periodic damage of DOT has slightly decreased, but total damage dealt is increased due to longer duration.
    • DOT can be cleared with Hazard Emitters.
  • Transphasic Mines:
    • Increased shield bleedthrough from 40% to 80%.
    • Transphasic mines will disrupt the enemy shields, leaving a Shield Healing debuff in place.
      • For 5sec after being hit with a TP Mine, Shield healing is 50% less effective on the target.
      • Shield Redistribution will also be less effective during this debuff.
      • Debuff magnitude does not stack, but multiple hits will extend the duration of the debuff.
      • More mines make for a longer debuff.
      • Debuff can be cleared with Science Team.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo does not benefit from this change. See below for separate changes related to this weapon.
  • Chroniton Mines:
    • Increased chance to apply slow from 33% to 80%.
    • Slow debuff is now resistable, and abilities that make you immune to movement debuffs will now affect this debuff.
    • Duration of debuff can be enhanced with Graviton Generators skill.
    • Magnitude of debuff decreased to 25% of previous, but debuff can stack.
      • Standard minefield = 25% x 4 = 100% of previous magnitude.
  • Tribobalt Mines:
    • Reduced Repel magnitude per hit by 50%.
    • Added a 20% chance to spawn a Subspace Rift which Disables enemies that are within its radius, same as High Yield Tricobalt.
      • This rift has a slightly random spawn location so that multiple mine explosions, i.e. Dispersal Patterns, are unlikely to spawn directly atop one another.
      • These rifts do not last as long as those created with High Yield Tricobalts.
        • 3-4.5 sec, instead of 3.5-12sec, scales with Subspace Decompiler skill.
    • Altered Disable duration range from 2.66-4sec, 2.5-5sec.
      • This scales with the Subspace Decompiler skill.
    • Tricobalt Mines can now make use of Dispersal Patterns.
      • Dispersal Pattern Alpha:
        • Rank 1: Two launches of one mine each.
        • Rank 2: Three launches of one mine each.
        • Rank 3: Four launches of one mine each.
        • Tricobalts have a 5sec delay between each launch, instead of the standard 2.5sec of other types of mines.
      • Dispersal Pattern Beta:
        • Rank 1: Launches two mines - one right, one left.
        • Rank 2: Launches three mines in a triangle formation - one top, two bottom.
        • Rank 3: Launches four mines in a square formation - two top, two bottom.
  • Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo:
    • This weapon now only spreads out into 10 Mines instead of 12 Mines.
    • Despite being Transphasic, these Mines only possess 40% shield bleedthrough instead of the upgraded 80% of other Transphasic weapons.
      • To compensate for this, the damage of Mine's each explosion remains higher.
      • They also do not apply the Shield Healing debuff present on other Transphasic Mines.
    • Modified the behavior of this torpedo:
      • It now explodes more reliably on its target, rather than immediately upon being fired.
      • The Mines launched by the initial explosion are more likely to chase their target correctly instead of fly past them.
      • Both the Torpedo detonation and the Mine detonation distances have been decreased in order to ensure greater reliability in their behavior.
      • If the Torpedo's initial target is destroyed before impact, it will now seek out the nearest enemy target instead of becoming dormant.
    • NOTE: The behavior, relative power & utility of this weapon are still under scrutiny to ensure they are properly balanced. More changes may be forthcoming.

zer0niusrex 07-31-2012 07:40 PM

  • C-store items now have a confirmation prompt when attempting to discard them.
  • There is now a button for the Dilithium Exchange in the Dilithium section of the assets tab.
  • Updated the tooltips for Fleet Assets and Dilithium to indicate their limits.
    • Fleet Credits, Refined Dilithium, and Dilithium Ore are limited to 10 million each.
    • Fleet Marks is limited to 1 billion.
  • Clicking on a holding tier on the Fleet overview screen will now go to the tier information on the holdings tab.
  • Set items will now display correct tooltip items in stores.
  • There is now a button to delete a saved costume.
  • Removed the non-functional Mouse4-Mouse8 buttons from bind window.
  • Resolved an issue that would prevent the Wear, Rename, Modify, and Create buttons from refreshing properly after creating a new uniform.
  • The character input for the fleet map invitiation popup will now be focused when the popup opens.
  • Resolved text alignment issues for fleet map invitations

votemittromney 07-31-2012 07:46 PM

So you arent fixing the shipyard or the costume tailor plz tell me your kidding. I know so many people wanting to quit the game over this.

lianthelia 07-31-2012 07:48 PM

Since your doing all of this work to improve mines, would it be possible for the KHG 2 piece set bonus to affect mines as well or would that be to much?

zer0niusrex 07-31-2012 07:54 PM


Originally Posted by votemittromney (Post 5070411)
So you arent fixing the shipyard or the costume tailor plz tell me your kidding. I know so many people wanting to quit the game over this.

That's fixed on the next build.

switchngc 07-31-2012 07:55 PM


Originally Posted by zer0niusrex (Post 5070361)
  • Fleet Credits, Refined Dilithium, and Dilithium Ore are limited to 10 million each.
  • Fleet Marks is limited to 1 billion.

That is HILARIOUS!!! Especially the Fleet Marks limit.

darknessmuta 07-31-2012 07:55 PM


Originally Posted by zer0niusrex (Post 5070531)
That's fixed on the next build.

I hope that means that the Armitage will finally get our Type 6 skin back we have been waiting almost 2 months for.

votemittromney 07-31-2012 07:58 PM

Originally Posted by zer0niusrex
That's fixed on the next build.

So we wont get that on the live server till what next week ? or will it be coming thursday and patched on tribble tomorrow ? Just curious I run a fleet and Im trying to talk people out of leaving many are very upset over this.

raythilo2345 07-31-2012 08:00 PM


Originally Posted by darknessmuta (Post 5070581)
I hope that means that the Armitage will finally get our Type 6 skin back we have been waiting almost 2 months for.

umm...the type 6 skin option has appears on my armitage since I got it...unless I'm missing something here.

brokenmirror2012 07-31-2012 08:09 PM

Wait people will quit the game over a small graphic error of some missing stuff in the tailor? WHat is wrong with people these days!

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