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sarlik 08-02-2012 05:45 PM

Command List (/cmdlist), including Season Six updates
The most recent thread I could find with a complete command list appears to be out of date, so I decided to share the list I compiled from /cmdlist after the Season Six update:

Star Trek Online command list (includes table with list of commands as well as a downloadable Excel spreadsheet)

If you find any errors or omissions, or if you find new commands that are added with later updates, please contact Sarlik@sarlik in-game.


EDIT: Per some suggestions below, I've also made a Google Docs version of the STO Command List.

rachelgarrett 08-08-2012 11:07 AM

Exactly what you should post on

You could expand this article to share the knowledge :)

Best Regards,

bluegeek 08-08-2012 12:11 PM

Looks like good info, but my policy is not to download Excel spreadsheets from people I don't know.

You could convert to a Google Doc, or like RachelGarrett suggested update STOWiki which is probably a better option.

zebular 08-08-2012 07:20 PM

If needed for reference, here is my old post that was done to update a thread that became outdated on the command lines:
That was posted almost one year ago.

I still have that file hosted on my web site too. As well, I posted the commands in the following posts, 36-39.

sarlik 08-10-2012 01:21 AM

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll make a Google Doc version of it ASAP (probably by tomorrow), and I'll see about getting this on STOWiki as well -- but that might take a little longer because I have close to zero experience working with wikis.

BTW, if you'd like to look at the commands w/o downloading the Excel file (or waiting for me to make the Google Doc version), the page I linked to has all the commands listed in a table on the website; I only added the Excel file so there would be a sortable version out there for those who want it. :)

EDIT: I forgot how much smoother Google Docs is now with conversions -- here's the link to the STO Commands spreadsheet.

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