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azurianstar 08-03-2012 01:41 AM

Foundry Space Keybind Bug
I'm currently testing my Foundry mission. Every time I go into Space, the settings keep getting glitched up.

Ticket ID #1,378,470.

Usually it's a "stuck" ALT Key (which for some reason only happens in STO and not other programs or games).

I go to the Keybinds, and the first thing I see is it's at "Ground" settings (not sure if that is the problem), usually they default to space if you are in space. When I check the Space keybinds, everything is not where it should be.

For instance, my Targeting keys are sometimes saved and untouched, my weapon attacks return to default, my Up / Down Directional movement is gone, but my Turn keybinds are untouched.

And this is repeatable, everytime I go to the Editor or a Ground portion of the map and then return to space, it glitches up again. :(

azurianstar 08-15-2012 01:25 AM

Zero, any luck with this Keybind issue?

I keep running into it with my Foundry Test character. And it's impossible to properly test when the keybinds are not loading properly when transitioning from Space to Ground or from Ground to Space.

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