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moronwmachinegun 08-03-2012 12:28 PM

[Feature Request] Display hints during the Defeated count-down
With the recent difficulty increase on the PvE side, I had a thought. Why not add hints to the Defeated window on how to improve your survivability during combat? There could be separate hints for space and ground. So when a new player dies, he can read about how to improve his offense and defense. Maybe add a link to the appropriate location in the STO wiki as well? Cryptic, could this be done?

Here is quick list I came up with.

  1. Resistance is critical. If you can't resist the specific energy type of your enemy, use a general alloy Engineering Console that will resist energy and kinetic damage.
  2. Hazard Emitters will heal and help clear damage over time, such as burning from plasma
  3. Boost your weapons energy with a weapons battery, Red Matter Capacitor, or EPS Power Transfer before using Cannon or Beam bridge officer abilities to keep getting maximum damage.
  4. Plan an Alpha Strike - use your damage boosting abilities all at once to try and burn through a difficult enemy's shields and hull before they can heal.
  5. Many abilities, such as Emergency Power to Shields or Auxilliary to Structural, will boost your resistance to damage.
  6. Stick with one energy weapon type and one torpedo weapon type and use tactical consoles specific to that type for maximum damage.
  7. Movement boosts your defense. Use Attack Pattern Omega or Polarize Hull to break tractor beams. A low defense increases the critical rate on you.
  8. Heal your teammates - keeping them in the fight is crucial to success. Re-arrange your HUD so you can keep tabs on how they are doing.
  9. Right click on the top of the chat window and create a Team Chat tab that is only for team chat during combat. Listening to what your teammates need is half the battle.
  10. Tactical Team will rebalance shields automatically - giving a single shield facing the equivalent of your full shield strength.
  11. Beam Fire at Will, Cannon Scatter Volley, and Torpedo Spread can take down fighters, Bio-neural Warheads, mines, and Heavy Plasma Torpedoes.
  12. Use keybinds to activate multiple abilities with one keypress.
  13. Listen and watch for enemy torpedo fire. Bind Brace for Impact to a convenient key, and activate it before impact.
  14. Be sure to use duty officers on active space duty for maximum effect from your abilities

  1. Fuse Armor is great for engineers, since it can hold enemies while Quantum Mortars or Orbital Strike are inbound
  2. Be sure to use duty officers on active ground duty for maximum effect from your abilities

Any additional suggestions?

nynik 08-03-2012 12:34 PM

Sounds like a great idea, especially since the loading screen tidbits (which are sometimes combat related vs lore) often go by too quickly to read.

I would prefer it to be an optional feature though (on/off toggle in options list).

Totally for more in-game resources for learning. I particularly like the idea of teaching via scenario missions. First you see a Cryptic cutscene of your ship and a situation (say a Borg heavy torpedo coming towards it) being played out automatically. Then real control is returned to the player, who carries our the lesson.

It might sound ridiculous, but it might also be the type of instruction that would cause less frustration for new players who do not come to the forums. It might also give the academies some viable optional and repeatable content - which could also serve to allow people to try out new builds and weapons.

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