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kirksplat 08-03-2012 08:29 PM

Thanks for the New Assets, BUT
Added the following items to the Detail objects.


Starfleet Coffin Torpedo 01
Military Turret 01
Horta Egg Pile 01
Single Horta Egg
Mining Cart 01-03
Coliseum Weapon Rack 01-03
Coliseum Lights 01-04
Glass War Map
Space Station Hatch 01
Glass - Panel - Defiant Class Schematic - Ventral
Glass - Panel - Defiant Class Schematic - Dorsal
Glass - Panel - Defiant Class Schematic - Fore/Aft
Glass - Panel - Defiant Class Schematic - Starboard
Glass - Panel - Odyssey Class Schematic - Ventral
Glass - Panel - Odyssey Class Schematic - Dorsal
Glass - Panel - Odyssey Class Schematic - Fore/Aft
Glass - Panel - Odyssey Class Schematic - Starboard
Glass - Panel - Starfleet Corps of Engineers
Glass - Panel - Fleet Modernization Program
Glass - Panel - Starfleet Applied Sciences
Glass - Panel - Starfleet Starship Design
Glass - Panel - Utopia Planitia 01
Shelf - Glass - Black 01-02
Banner - Utopia Planitia 01-02
Banner - Odyssey Class Ship
Banner - Starfleet Starship Design
Banner - Romulan Civilian
Banner - Starfleet Tactical Command
Banner - Starfleet Applied Sciences
Banner - Starfleet Corps of Engineers
Banner - Dervish Class Starship
Banner - Prometheus Starship
Banner - Galaxy Class Starship
Banner - Excalibur Class Starship
Banner - Luna Class Starship
Banner - Intrepid Starship
Statue - Romulan 01
I appreciate the work that went into this, but I'm kind of baffled here. The top requested assets are nowhere in this list. Simple things... like walls, doors, ceilings, and floors.

Part of the problem with the assets is a history of a random inclusion of random stuff, with seemingly little foresight for how stuff might fit together, complement existing assets, etc. etc. I would really like to see more effort to give us what we need, like a transporter pad, or a bajoran orb to go along with the bajoran orb effect... or a captain's chair to go with the stand for a captain's chair.

C'mon devs. We've given you guys lists and lists and lists and lists of assets that are obvious choices for inclusion in the Foundry. Why finally update us with another shuffle of random assets?

Should we make another list for you? Ceilings, floors, and the obvious please.


kirksplat 08-03-2012 08:52 PM

We have explosions, but we have no bombs to attach to stuff.

We have 3 varieties of ceilings and floors.

We have a total of 3 walls to use for a federation ship. 3 walls! And the walls don't even fit each other! And that is more than can be said for a kdf interior.

We have like 8 fed doors that open. 1 that doesn't. And the one that doesn't, doesn't even match the ones that do! Try to work with that, when changing the state of a door from locked to open.

We have to create sickbays from scratch. Yes, how many sickbays are in STO, do you figure? Foundry authors get 0.

We have a brig that can't be opened or closed.

We have no food.

We desperately need all kinds of stuff from ship interiors, but those props (made 2 years ago) are nowhere to be seen.

So many, many things that the official missions use (like a med-kit) are just missing.

These are just a few examples of stuff that should be obvious, since they are commonly used in dev missions. We have none of it.

That is frustrating. Please fix.

nagorak 08-03-2012 09:32 PM

I have to agree. Getting any new props is nice, but what we're really lacking are some very basic assets.

It seems like Foundry authors provide a fair amount of feedback on what features and assets we need, but I can't help but feel a lot of times that the feedback is simply ignored. I realize the devs have ideas about what they want to do with the Foundry, and they're also aware of the intricacies of how it's coded, but I do think there is some value in the tens of thousands of hours of collective experience we Foundry authors have.

thehavraha 08-03-2012 09:41 PM

Agreed. Why is the biggest update of the Foundry since launch, also seemingly the smallest update?

Probably because there's not enough updated. :)


drogyn1701 08-03-2012 10:00 PM

FYI there is a sickbay on the new ESD map. Just block the open door with something and voila.

kirksplat 08-03-2012 11:13 PM


Originally Posted by nagorak (Post 5123561)
a lot of times that the feedback is simply ignored.

I really feel like this is the case. We had mapolis who listened. Then, he went off to a different team. Then, we had no one. Now, we have a few newbies who are learning how to add a few props, but they have no clue about what we actually want and need.

ZERO, you are the link here. Unless, you are truly convinced that giving us little is giving us more.

azurianstar 08-04-2012 12:37 AM

Honestly, not sure why would hold back the assets. More assets = more creativity.

Now don't tell me that the Dev Team might be initmidated with authors making better missions? ;)

blargskull 08-04-2012 03:32 AM

I totally agree this is not enough additional content for the 3 weeks we impatiently waited. Not to mention the months Cryptic had between S5 and S6. Did you sit on your hands the whole time?

I am a bit 3D artist and know Kirksplat (aka Kirkfat) is into 3D as well. I can make a cube and wrap a texture around it in about 3 minutes, viola a wall. These players and designers are not asking for the moon and the stars.

If the creators of STO and the Foundry want us to succeed, you either need to listen or start allowing the players to submit content in the form of textures and 3D mesh.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and thank you for turning the needed tools back on.

designationxr377 08-04-2012 04:31 AM

We did get some things that the patch notes didn't list. For example there are fed based doors now that open and close without walls. I've been busy doing other things to really dig though.

I do agree that more is better, and would like to see every game prop somewhere in the foundry at some time.

Although I am not necessarily in the "Cryptic, I am Disappoint" crowd atm, especially only 3 days after this major update, I am disheartened by past examples of things we have asked for heavily that were never received. (Case in point being the active contact immortality that only came to be after a dev made a mission where it was a problem, despite us asking for it repetitively on the forums near a year prior).

I see no reason why now, after this guts update to the system, we won't be getting a steady stream of assets and features newly added as they come. So Cryptic, do your best not to make my faith misplaced.

chooch99a 08-04-2012 05:18 AM

Add me to the list of experienced 3d artist. Went to school for it, am currently a dev for a MMO (a small independent company so progress is slow as the team is small atm) that is slow going but still happening, and yes, it literally takes 3 or less minutes to make some assets, especially such simple little props like food, medkits, etc etc.

But playing devil's advocate I can only surmise that the Devs are "tossing stuff" into the Foundry when it comes to the "object assets" vs the Maps and not worrying about the purpose behind these static objects.

I would also love to see a costume "save" feature added like our characters have, it would REALLY save time if i could load a preset costume to an Orion/alien etc and not remake NPC's from scratch barring if those NPC's already existed in a project copy used for template.

This all being said, I am grateful for new things and maps we have received so far.

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