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hicks451 08-07-2012 03:57 PM

STO crash replaces desk top icon (Star trek Online) with my Password?
Dear Cryptic and STO members.

Ive just had a crash on STO for no aparent reason as i was just leaving my bridge to return to sector space and that the notice page that you get to report that crash disapaired without me having a chance to reply about the crash and also noticed that it started displaying my password for STO under the desk top icon instead of (Star Trek Online)? First of all i would like to ask the members if they have had the same issue happen to them and second i would like to ask Cryptic why it would replace the (star Trek Online) with my private password under the desk top icon for all to see? Any replys would be apreciated and i would be very intrested to see how many other members this has happened to and also what cryptic have to say about this matter as i find it quite annoying that a private Password should be displayed and replaced for anyone to see. Thanks for reading this thread and hopefully i will be able to shed some light on this troubling matter!!!

borg7of10 08-07-2012 04:21 PM

The best thing to do is just uninstall the game
Then reinstall it cause I had this same issue
Happen to me, but if it is Still doing this I'd suggest
filing a Support Ticket and see if they can help you.

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