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pwebranflakes 08-08-2012 07:22 PM

Release Notes: August 9, 2012

  • Resolved an issue that caused weapons to stop firing.
  • Resolved an issue that caused long delays when starting up new queue maps
  • The Fleet Basic Uniforms are now available after completing the Starbase Tier 3 Tailor project.
  • Updated the Fleet Mark rewards for the Tholian and Defera Invasions.
    • They now reward as follows:
      • When fleet hour is OFF: easy = 3 FM, medium = 6 FM, hard = 20 FM.
      • When fleet hour is ON: easy = 6 FM, medium = 12 FM, hard = 25 FM.
      • Updated the Fleet Event info text to mention the Defera Invasion as a source of fleet marks.
  • Updated the visual appearance of the interact FX.
  • Updated the FX for adapted floater so that it only displays one floater at a time.
  • Fleet events:
    • Resolved an issue that prevented some fleets from creating new events.
    • Fleet events should now properly take local and server time into account.
    • Fleets should no longer be spammed with fleet event messages.
  • The Follow Target keybind will now toggle between the chosen camera type and Follow Target, rather than toggling between Follow Target and Free.
    • This means it should be working as intended.

Duty Officers:

  • Added "Officer Exchange" assignments to Personnel Officers at Starfleet Academy and Klingon Academy.
    • These officers will allow you to take assignments that will exchange a single Green, Blue or Purple Duty Officer for 3 of one rarity level lower.
      • e.g.: 1 Green for 3 Whites
  • New fleet duty officers are now available!
    • The Personnel Officer in your starbase's Ops area can provide these new Duty Officers.
    • Each officer is commissioned individually.
    • You must have at least a tier 1 starbase to commission a general Duty Officer.
    • As you unlock higher tier starbases, better guaranteed quality officers become available.
    • Unlocking facilities at tier 2 and above also allows purchase of officers for specific disciplines.
    • These officers may have new active roster powers and new arrangements for fleets.
    • As with all Duty Officers, the type received is random.

  • The Plasmonic Leach console can now stack up to 8 times again.
  • Most random drops of Uncommon or better quality are now Bind to Account on Equip.
    • Previously, they were Bind to Character on Equip.
    • This means they can be put in the Account Shared bank even after equipping them.
  • Operational Assets:
    • Added more information about shared cooldowns to all Operational Asset descriptions.
      • This is a text change only.
    • Updated the tooltips for Operational Asset ships to provide more detailed information about the ships summoned.
      • This includes the ships' armaments and abilities.
    • Corrected tooltip text for Turret and Torpedo Platforms.
    • New Operational Assets were created with more ship types.
      • Ki'tang, Negh'var, Bortasqu', Guramba, Kar'Fi, Armitage, Galaxy, Prometheus, Luna, and Galaxy Dreadnought.
    • Atrox and Vo'quv Operational Assets have changed to display as Dreadnoughts, for rank.
      • This is purely a text change.
  • Consumable To'duj and Peregrine fighters will no longer display as being usable by ships from the opposing faction.
  • Fleet Advanced Antiproton Beam Arrays now specify "Advanced" in their names.
  • Single Cannons now properly specify the correct energy type in their description.
  • Fleet Elite Phaser Wide Beam Pistols now specify the correct power name in their descriptions.
  • Advanced Fleet Polaron Sniper Rifles no longer have fewer damage mods than other Advanced Fleet items.
  • Phased Tetryon Dual Cannons and Dual Heavy Cannons can now be equipped on the Escort Carrier.
  • Season 6 changed the based HP and Shield modifier of the T5 Excelsior.
    • This was not working as intended and is fixed now.
    • The Excelsior's HP and shield modifier is now reverted to its pre-season 6 values.
  • Increased the damage of Galor Spiral Wave Disruptors so they are competitive with Mk XII weapons at level 50.
  • Engineering Quantum mortars can no longer be created in social ground maps.
  • Mine Revamp:
    • Removed the Shield Healing Debuff from Transphasic Mines.
      • This proc may be replaced at a future time, but was found to be too effective at PvP while having very little effect on PvE.
        • This imbalanced approach was not part of our design goals.
    • Fixed cooldown error on Dispersal Patterns when used with Tricobalt mines.
    • Tricobalt Mines and Torpedoes no longer share a cooldown timer
    • Corrected description on Chroniton, Quantum and Photon basic mine launch powers.


  • It is now possible to contribute a stack of data samples and particle traces to a Fleet project at the same time.
  • It is now possible to choose a list of Duty Officers to contribute to a Fleet project.
    • Duty Officers will be contributed in the order they are selected.
    • Duty Officers will be numbered in the order they will be contributed.
    • In the event that only part of the selected Duty Officers are contributed, the result display will list the Duty Officers that were contributed.
  • Ship Store: Buttons as well as current currencies are now only displayed when they are needed for the current ship.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause some equipment to not have the "Unequip" option in the context menu when equipped.
  • Opening the character status window will now correctly display the ship when in space and the captain while on the ground.
  • The stack count chooser popup in the mail will now correctly report the name of the stack.
  • Mail details will no longer persist after all messages have been deleted.
  • Data samples will now appear in the duty officer Cargo Bay.
  • The Mouse4-Mouse8 buttons have returned as available options in the Keybinds window.

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