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voratus 08-09-2012 11:14 AM

No Additional Transwarp Options
Out of all my characters, one of them has a fairly significant problem, in that the "extra" transwarp options do not show up on the list.
It is my oldest character that I currently play, KDF liberated borg. Rank 3 marauding, in a fleet with a working transwarp hub.
The only transwarp option he has is to Qo'nos. The marauding transwarp options aren't in the list, nor is the fleet starbase transwarp option.

I submitted a ticket in-game approximately six months ago (currently patching so can't check ticket number), and got a fairly quick response from a GM saying that this was out of their control and don't we all wish that there were no bugs (paraphrased).

So it's been several months...can I get my transwarp options fixed?
I've tried talking to S'stass (or whatever his name is) several times to sync up my marauding, but that doesn't help. Since the fleet transwarp doesn't show up in the list either, I don't think it's a commendation out-of-sync thing, but an issue with the character itself.

voratus 08-15-2012 01:39 PM

Found a fix: respec!


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