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sdkraust 08-10-2012 06:30 PM

Looking to Join high-end Elite STF Chat.
I was a member of STFVeterans for a while and ran a few missions with them bit got Kicked because I joined before they closed their Channel. I can shovel out ~5K DPS with 2 of my accounts, 4.5K with the third. I only do Space STFs (And really only ISE but I am very good with ISE). And am sick of PuGing.

Can post Pics or Video if you want. Can also run a few games if you hit me up at @sdkraust

sardocian 08-10-2012 07:18 PM

"PublicEliteSTF" is probably the most active public stf channel there is. "Elite STF" is being pushed by some, but is too quiet to be useful right now.

Though for private channels, "EliteSTF" is the best. The quality of players is only slightly higher than using the queue system in terms of getting optionals, but I have yet to fail an actual STF completely when running from people there. So 100% success, 50% optional success. Be warned though, the admins there are quick to kick/ban and have some pretty silly rules, but as long as you're not strong-headed, it's not that bad.

lostmoony 08-12-2012 10:27 AM

i am doing 5,5k raw dps and who cares i need for that a chat or channel lol.

you are little bit funny say you are epic and then cry for a channel for?

anyone who have little bit dps know the actuall elite mission lvl id a joke much to easy to only think what brings fun for me is newbies and pugs or however you call them.;)

and you read it from the other one this chat not grants you whatever only some "arogant kids?"

better look for a real chat / channel " 5k+ dps only" then you have you garanty of 5 min stfs runs^^

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