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revenge90 08-12-2012 02:14 PM

Damage Potential

I am one engineer in game.
I noticed my damage when i play on the ground. My damage of one orbital strike is 55 on one heavy tactical drone, with one pulsewave antiproton antiborg MKXII is 170 about and with kit enemy neutralization MKX(very rare) is with one mine 50 and with transpasic bomb 600 about.

The skills demolition and weapon proficiency have all point.
I remember once time that my damage was high.

Thanks for your answers.

daiouvegeta2 08-12-2012 11:29 PM

Sounds like the damage seen was the bleed through on their personal shields. Heavy tacticals are pretty rugged and have quite a bit of shielding.

If you want to report this as a bug, I would advise doing the following.

-Replicate the issue
-Provide the steps on how to replicate it, including but not limited to, the zone, the mob, any debuffs or buffs added to the mob, time, and date of replication.
-Provide a screenshot of the log file showing diminished damage against the unshielded enemy.

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