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seraphantilles 08-12-2012 04:09 PM

Dear Cryptic,

The buff/debuff icons in the HUD that float over the ship are TOO FREAKING SMALL! The color coding is nice but it's REALLY ANNOYING to have to mouse-over each tiny icon to see what it is during combat.

I have tried numerous things to resize those icons.

I have tried console commands like:

/genaddwindow Hud_Statusself_Bufflist
* adds another set of the same TINY icons in the upper left of my screen, whoopty doo...

/gensetvalue Hud_Statusself_Bufflist <string> <string> <float> <string>
* I tried putting various things into <string> and <float> to see if it would scale the size of the buff icons, TO NO AVAIL; there is NO DOCUMENTATION ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET for what could possibly work as functional commands input into these variables... please post some documentation, thanks!

I have tried editing the preferences like:

I tried editing the /Star Trek Online/Live/ui_settings file that's generated when you save your UI setting. I found this:

pchName _Cell_Sys_Shipstatus_0_Jail_Hud_System
eOffsetFrom 3
fPercentX 0.21369
fPercentY 0.0180952
fWidth 156.000000
fHeight 197.000000
iVersion 11
chPriority 17
uiTime 398123696

I changed fWidth and fHeight but it did not scale the icons; it just made the green rectangle bigger for the "Ship Hull, Shield and Crew Status" box in Rearrange HUD mode, and made the buff/debuff icons appear higher up. Sigh!

SO PLEASE CRYPTIC: make these icons able to be resized independently of the rest of the GUI.

PS: FOR THAT MATTER PLEASE MAKE BUFFS/DEBUFFS THAT DO ZERO DAMAGE APPEAR IN THE COMBAT LOG, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! I'm really tired of my ship not being able to turn or completely stopping with no idea WHY because there is no debuff icon related to engines showing, my systems are not offline, and my throttle is up (and no it's not from lag).

heizluefta 08-16-2012 08:19 PM

you still need help ? PM me ingame @heizluefta

heizluefta 08-16-2012 08:30 PM

....cannot help with everything...but....

nynik 08-16-2012 08:33 PM

I'd love better buff/debuff UI elements. Most of the time I find it very unhelpful that the buff/debuff just tells me it's name instead of relaying any meaningful information like it's effect on the character.

I think this would be especially helpful to people considering the game has a habit of not playing animations if there are too many on screen - so people can miss info because its not being shown.

heizluefta 08-25-2012 08:32 AM

are u working with keybind txt files ?

If yes.....i will give u a few binds and hints to make it easier ;)

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