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ngtvtest 08-14-2012 08:32 AM

Cooldown on items and similar problems.
There are 2 problems which persist for some time and I need to point them out. Probably done before but...


Cool-downs for space or ground skills are counting only when u r at space or ground respectively.

For example cool-downs on Call Security Transport(Tuffli) or Call Trade Freighter are counting ONLY when you are in space. I also believe that 1st one only counts while u have Tuffli equipped but I'm still testing that. To make more clearer you need to be in Tuffli in Space for 2h to get it enabled again. This makes Call Sec.Transp. on regular Tuffli usage available on every few days in best case.

Cool-downs on ground skills work the same. U can use for example Shard of Possibilities (generally on end of the mission when things are hardest) and if don't go on ground, 4m cool-down will still await you for it 1st time u enter ground mission.

I don't know if somebody planned this or this is bug but this is really irritating and makes some skill unusable for no obvious reason.

Crew recovery

When you finish the mission and your crew is depleted you need to wait IN SPACE(if you are on ground it will not work) for crew to recover. This generally lasts for few min while you can't do anything useful just wait.

daiouvegeta2 08-14-2012 09:01 AM

Crew recovery is meaningless because your ship's crew is meaningless. It only affects your innate hull regeneration, nothing else. So what if you have 50 out of 2000 crew left alive on your ship? I rarely have a full crew compliment during a nightly run of STFs and Fleet events.

velktra 08-14-2012 09:27 AM

The only cooldown that bothers me is the "call trade freighter" one. All the other ones I have are relatively quick, but that one is two hours. Two hours of playtime in space. If the cooldown isn't done, and I need to use the exchange, the bank, or the mailbox I have to fly to spacedock, Bajor, Drozana, or another stationary place where I can access it. That's kind of annoying.

A four minute cooldown though? Doesn't bother me one bit. I'm usually in the area I need to be in for at least that long.

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