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anelk2 08-15-2012 12:28 AM

Target aquiring is lacking
Greetings captains and developers.

With season 6 we finally got a Focus added to the UI.
But that is not enough...
I'll try to make this short but it's going to be difficult as there are some tactical details around this.

As the commander of a gunship (some call them escorts) - I tend to want to shoot on same target as any team mate. To do this effectively, I would have this team mate set as my Focus, but then I still have to use the mouse cursor to get his/her target as my own.
This is very awkward and impractical for me because I always use mouselook to fly my ship.
My cursor is not even visible so what I ask for is a "set focus target to my target" function.

In the Options - Controls ; There is a thing called "Assist target on attack". This works OK but far from reliable as we often target friendlies to toss a tac Team buff or a heal or something on eachother (PvP / STF) the auto assist terminates firing on the hostile.
It's even more inaccurate in Fleet Blockade and similar scenarios where you are trying to save an NPC. Again the NPC's choice of targets can be irratic to say the least and here it would be much prefered to be able to get Target of Target / Target of Focus and stay on it until that one is either defeated or the team leader says otherwise.

As of today, we can not even see what our team mates or the focus has targeted unless we use the keybind to make them our own target, but I want to take that one step further, I'd like a keybind to aquire the Focus's Target as my own target - instantly.
It would also be helpful to have the Team window display what the team members are targeting. The only thing we have now is Target of Target. Unless I have a team mate targeted myself, or the focus as my target, I have no idea what they are concentrating their efforts on.

Another example: In PvP - my teams debuffer is also the one who calls the targets for the rest of us to shoot at. But to get his target, I again have to release mouselook, make him my target, then klick on the Target of target frame to get his target as mine.
This is stupid slow and inconvenient. Having that player as my focus does not help either since I still can not see what he is targeting, nor can I get his target with a keybind.

Example 2: Ground STF - Designated Engineer Tank calls out Heavy Tactical Drone as his target. Now he toss up a Force Field, gets aggro and uses that force field to take cover once in a while. Here, again I would like to have the player as my Focus and a key to get his target as my own. Visually having to klick on something on the screen with the cursor is a major pain in the rear here. Not only are there large numbers of Borgs, there is also that force field in the way and it's silly inefective to find that players target without a keybind for it. Especially since again, we have no UI frames that show either target of Focus, or even teamplaers. targets.

With the all new Fleet Events we have now, it is again same problem. The Fleet Bases under attack and those sabotaging ships being swarmed by scorpion fighters and whatnot, klicking on the screen or using "cycle next enemy" is not feasable unless you fly really close to that dreadnaught or what it is that is sabotaging things. If a team mate gets that thing targeted, I could quickly start shooting at that dreadnaught as well IF there was a keybind for aquiring target of Focus / TeamMember 1 - 4.

A team focusing fire on same target is getting essential both in space and ground, PvE and PvP - but we have no efficient way to coordinate attacks that way with no such keybinds. Having to target visually in a "modern" environment game like this where battle leaders become more and more necessary simply doesn't make sense.
When screen is cluttered with many moving objects, it gets even more frustrating to try to coordinate attacks without those simple keybinds. :confused:

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