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pwforum00001 08-15-2012 11:34 AM

Instigate Defection assignment bugged -- lost my doffs
I have a system message that the Instigate Defection assignment was completed but it didn't appear in the Completed list nor in the Assignment Log. I received no rewards at all. The doffs I sent on the mission are gone.

[11:22] [System] [ItemAssignmentFeedback] Completed assignment "Instigate Defection".

I heard this is a known bug. Anyone else experience it? Would be nice to get it fixed, and to get my doffs back.

markhawkman 08-15-2012 01:05 PM

NEver seen or heard of that happening..... and I've done that mission a LOT.

krollofmakleth 08-26-2013 02:59 PM

I realize the age of this thread, but I just received this bug as well and it seemed the most fitting.

After searching, this bug is also reported in the following places, at least:

I also completed an In Game bug report, ticket 1,950,350.
The DOff mission Instigate Defection said it completed in the chat log while I was doing the mission Shutdown. After the mission ended, I went to the DOff interface and Instigate Defection was not listed as Completed or In Progress.
You'll see in the screenshot that the chat log shows Instigate Defection completed, followed 2 minutes later by High Speed Maneuvering. It also shows that I have no 'completed' assignments, but the Assignment log does not show Instigate Defection in the list, but it does show High Speed Maneuvering and a number of later assignments. Defection is simply gone.

Perhaps notable is my DOff roster was full (100/100) when the mission completed, but it should have just prevented me from collecting the reward until I opened a space...not make the mission vanish (with the doffs??)

flaygen 04-10-2014 09:05 AM

Still ongoing
This issue happened to me just the other day. Duty Roster was not full and it had been in my log as going to be completed in X ammount of time, yet when I logged in after that time the assignment had disappeared from the log. Attempting to contact the GM staff about the issue at first got me a form reply telling me that they cannot give out any game hints or information (thus showing that we still live in an age where people can still not be bothered to do the core requirements of their job). After replying to that they than informed me that I needed to make sure I was logged into the correct character (there is only 1 character on my account that can do Duty Officer Assignements and the only other character I have is a lvl 5 Romulan) and post to the forums as a possible bug. No idea what caused this issue to happen. I was completing assignments just fine before that one and I am still completing them with out issue now. Just annoying.

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