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skybuckflying 08-16-2012 09:02 AM

Drag and drop item name to mail subject line.

For storing items into the mail box it's handy to put a "label" on it.

So far I have been using the subject line to describe what is in the mail.

This makes it easy to find it back later in the mail box.

For now I type it in manually because drag and drop the item name into mailbox is not possible.

Perhaps one trick could be drag and drop it to chat window and then drag and drop it to mail, but this requires copy and paste and selecting.

Drag and drop directly to mail subject line would be better.

Behind it I put how many in brackets/parenthesis like so:

Example 1: Dual Heavy Phaser Beam (2)
Example 2: Contraband (5)

Would be nice if the drag and drop system would also do the parenthesis/number of items count thing...

Or perhaps it could be a special column on the mail box... so it can be easily seen which items are in the mail... ;)

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