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carmenara 08-16-2012 10:16 AM

So... what did you name your Regent?
With all the hints of Sovereign. Imperial, Noble, Regent, etc classes Cryptic (and Starfleet) might be hinting that all assault cruisers should be related to the topic of "Monarchy".

However, I couldn't for the love of all that is holy think up a suitable name for my Regent-class assault cruiser, because to use a "Kingly" name I sort of thought the ship would be one of the grandest in the Fleet.

Perhaps, in the late 24th Century the Sovereign class was top dog, but now in the 25th the battlefield is dominated by super-cruisers (flagships) along with deadly little warships called "escorts".

So I decided to take a little creativity with the "ACR" acronym and call my ship the USS Viper, type designation "ACR-1".

But of course, it's named after one of these

captwinters1701 08-16-2012 10:35 AM

I can forsee some Regent Class types going about being called USS Worf, after the Mirror Worf who was regent of the Klingon Empire

mimey2 08-16-2012 10:54 AM

Well, I think I will name at least temporarily, the soon-to-be-gotten U.S.S. Alia, named after Alia of the Dune universe, and a Regent in the 3rd book, Children of Dune.

diotw 08-16-2012 09:42 PM

If someone doesn't name theirs with some variation of USS Prince George, or USS Laurie then I shall be sorely disappointed. ;)

carmenara 08-16-2012 10:07 PM


Originally Posted by diotw (Post 5320501)
If someone doesn't name theirs with some variation of USS Prince George, or USS Laurie then I shall be sorely disappointed. ;)

For some time my space whale was named USS Prince of Wales as the star cruisers were all named after Royal Navy ships, starting from Ark Royal in March this year.

Later on I had the Revenge, Rodney and Repulse for a complete "R" class of battlecruisers.

I considered naming the Regent after queens of history but USS Elizabeth sounds more like a luxury liner (in RL it is, QE2, etc) and USS Tsarina Katarina ("Queen Catherine") sounds like my colleague @ work that sits next to me. Not very threatening.

Dodge Viper ACR however... fits the ship's gameplay role perfectly. A big honking loud, polluting V-10 powered fire breathing monster. Just pretend Armitages and Escorts don't exist and you're fine :D

amurorx0 08-17-2012 01:08 AM

Picked mine up yesterday, namef it the U.S.S. Weissritter. For those who dont know, this roughly translates to "white knight". Chose the name not for the loose connection to monarchy, but for its use as the namr of a mecha from the srw franchise.

It nicely coalesces with my odyssey, U.S.S. Alteisen Riese (scrap iron giant)

nyxadrill 08-17-2012 02:01 AM

I launched mine last night - USS Assiduous. I've got the Mirror Star Cruisers on 2 other toons, USS Audacious and USS Audacity so I wanted to keep up the "A" theme of Royal Navy Ship names :D

The ship will be given to my Sci toon tonight so the brainbox is working on the next name! lol

reyan01 08-17-2012 02:42 AM

I suspect that we'll see plenty of them named 'USS Majestic'.

lonnehart 08-17-2012 02:44 AM

Well... you could call it the Grand/Great/Supreme "Kaiser"... or "Kaiserine"... or something like that. :)

captainmarvelush 08-17-2012 05:52 AM

U.S.S. Archangel

Captain Treyven "The Raven" Corsey
U.S.S. Archangel
U.S.S. Vengence
Omega Armada

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