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dshot79 08-16-2012 01:26 PM

Fleet & Radan Tribbles
Ok I understand that you don't want players to exploit or have an unfair advantage over others that may not be eligable for these rewards.

The Fleet Tribble gives +1 Fleet Mark every hour? Really? Frankly, that's pointless considering how many Fleet Marks you need to contribute for projects, and it's a grind as it is. Now I know there are changes coming for Season 7......(which by the way you should do something special since that's generally the running length of most of the Star Trek series)..but I digress......for adjustments to how many Fleet Marks you'll need for projects and things, but 1 measly Fleet Mark is not at all worth it; you may as well not even include the ability and just keep the buff it grants.

The same goes for the Radan Tribble...+5 Dilithium? Now I could be convinced on this one, being that Dilithium is a player currency unlike Fleet Marrs, but...maybe 20 Dilithium per hour? That's not even on par with any of the mission you can do to get Dilithium anyway.

Is there any chance of getting either of these buffed up just slightly? Honestly I'm not sure I'll be using them...I don't remember to use them, if they had a more significant amount to reward me, I might use them or remember to better. But in the grand scheme of things, they really don't help.

nynik 08-16-2012 01:43 PM

And what about the people who don't have them? Buffing them to the point that they become a truely viable means to earn dilithium or fleet marks puts non-tribble holders at an extreme disadvantage - because these are avenues to earn currency they may never be able to get.

Its a testing reward, its not supposed to be a gamechanger. Use it or don't, it shouldn't matter either way for the sakes of game balance. The fact they they have other stats beyond the dilithium or FM reward demonstrates that their primary purpose is not to provide people with a one-click handout across all our alts every hour.

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