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zerobang 08-17-2012 07:40 AM

HUD - Show Name/Life/Recticle on MOUSE OVER broken?
I am trying to set up my Atrox carrier so that i always see LIFE of my fighters (no name or recticle, that would be too much spam)

but it should show me everything on mouse over and on target.

targeting works fine, "mouse over" does not work at all, i have it checked in the options but it won't work when i hit Apply or OK.

Same for friendly player ships, usually i have everything deactivated and only show stuff on mouse over / targeted etc.

last time i saved the UI it was working fine for other player ships, when i "Load UI" it works again for ships, but as soon as i go to the HUD options and press Apply other player ships won't mouse over anymore either.

so the option itself isn't broken but the Options UI does not seem to set the correct flags wherever this info is saved.

kind of gamebreaking for me, either i have horrible UI spam with everything always on all the time... or i don't see anything ... not good either way...


actually even the selection of Mouse Over disappears on it's own from the Options UI after a few seconds


on video :

Mouse Over seems to be removed from ALL fields in the options, you activate Mouse Over, save it, won't work, close it, open options again and it's gone.

as long as you don't change any option you are fine and old mouse over settings still work, but as soon as you change anything and save all mouse overs are off and not re-activate-able

true for Holodeck + Tribble

moo8e 08-19-2012 02:43 AM

I have the same issue on Ground and Space.

carlcjohnson 08-20-2012 08:01 PM

Same issue here. Really annoying since I had everything turned off except for Mouse Over. Uncool:rolleyes:

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