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kdforever 08-19-2012 07:11 AM

KDF Mission - Far From Home
Far From Home
By Fulvius

The Empire is in dire need of new resources to fuel their war machine. Breach the ion barrier and enter uncharted space, rich with unknown civilization and intrigue.

You will decide the fate of three worlds, only one may be allowed dominance under the flag of the Klingon Empire. Ultimately you must lay claim to their resources at any cost for the glory of Qo'noS.


This mission was one of the first to make it on the Nagus list, broken for a whole season Far From Home is now repaired with all the bugs worked out and ready for the community to enjoy. The episode is intended to be played on normal skill level however if you are up for a real challenge playing this mission on Elite will challenge even the most battle hardened captains resolve. Although the meat of the mission is heavily story driven breaking down how I imagine a Klingon first contact with three new species would work out. I hope you all enjoy, and please throw me some feedback!

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