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tdjohnston 08-20-2012 04:18 AM


I created a ticket 4 days ago in game, and I still have not received a response! I tried to do the same on the website under support and your drop down menu for product does not work, and to make matters even more annoying according to the Ticket History on your site it shows that NO ticket was raised.

I was away from STO for nearly a month and when I returned I have had SEVERAL items listed on the exchange gone missing, they are not in my mail or in any of my banks.

I am a paying subscriber and have been for years now, I am not a F2P player and I am very disappointed in the service in regards to this issue.

If no resolution is met, and if my items are not returned then I will cancel my subscription and that of my partner.

the items were still listed on the exchange prior to the Tholian Lock Boxes going live.

I don't mean to have made this issue "Public" however with not being able to raise any feedback from STO I am left with no choice but to do so.

I understand that you may sanction me with a warning or ban for posting a private matter on the forums however as I have stated above I have tried without vain to get somewhat of a response from STO/Perfect Worlds.

trek21 08-20-2012 04:46 AM

I hate to break it to you, but that's kinda standard. (And this is the wrong subforum for that issue)

The simple fact is that they don't always have time to reply to every ticket, automated or otherwise.

It doesn't mean they won't see it and work on it when they can though. Cancelling your/your partner's subscription over this minor issue is a bit extreme, but I can't stop you if you decide to do so

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