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starboardnacelle 08-21-2012 01:44 PM

Borderlands Defense Initiative - Small RP fleet looking to grow!
The eight-year war with the Klingons has been hard on the Federation. Thousands of ships destroyed, thousands more lives lost. With the Reman rebellion, the True Way uprising, and the Preserver incident in Deferi space, it had become increasingly clear that the Federation needed to protect its interests.

In 2409, Starfleet Command authorized the formation of the Borderlands Defense Initiative, a specialized border security task force staffed with some of the finest tactical minds the Federation had to offer. Vice Admiral Serris X'Tal, a seasoned veteran of the Klingon War, was appointed to lead this elite group out of Deep Space Nine.

Unfortunately, Starfleet quickly found itself in a dire situation when the Borg invaded Vega Colony one month later. The resources once devoted to the Borderlands Defense Initiative were quickly diverted to anti-Borg containment efforts. The fleet quickly dropped in numbers, with only 18 ships at their disposal.

Four years later, in 2413, the Klingon-Federation War is at a stand-still. The Omega Force cease fire agreement has all but stopped the fighting, allowing Starfleet to re-fortify its borders. Now operating out of Starbase 315, the B.D.I. task force finds itself saddled with duties it just isn't equipped to handle.

Will you answer the call?


Hey, everyone! I'm Serris@Starboard_Nacelle, head of the Borderlands Defense Initiative fleet. We're a small group with big ambitions, hoping to create multiple ship and station-based roleplaying sub-groups tied together by a central story arc. We have a flexible website with great character resources at our disposal, as well as friendly members who have a lot of experience with the game.

We do have rules for our roleplaying and group conduct you should look into before you consider joining. If you like what you see, apply for a position and send a tell or mail message to @Starboard_Nacelle in-game.

Thanks for reading!

trahl 09-07-2012 07:25 PM

We're still here and still growing.

The Border Defense Initiative wants you to join our group of dedicated RPers.
People who are active but casual. Enjoy our low pressure RP environment. We won't force you through episodic torture; you get to build your own stories and develop a real character.
There are even command opportunities for experienced players who want to take the wheel in the development of our own universe.

Our leadership is dedicated and knowledgeable in the Star Trek universe and more. We have the resources and desire to develop our starbase for both role play and game use. We've got the money and you have the fleet marks.
Become a part of the development of Starbase 315 and help us to keep the Federation's borders secure.

trahl 09-08-2012 06:49 PM

Are you a member or a leader of a small fleet? Captain of a single ship and crew?
Do you want a starbase but can't afford the resources?

BDI can work for you there, too.
Having a multiship format will allow you to keep your leadership position and maintain your own play style with the benefit of a much larger fleet! (including greater resources and dynamic intership relationships)
Enjoy the benefit of independence and a crowdsource starbase.


Do you just want to enjoy life on a starbase?
Stop pretending you live on Deep Space 9 and see what its like to work on a starbase that cares for multiple ships and crews.

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