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draconir83 08-24-2012 05:48 PM

CSE - One hit by Neg'vars?
Hey there.

I'm sure a number of people have had this happen to them in Cure Space Elite (CSE) where the Neg'vars are able to 1-hit you with some invisible shot from full shield and hull?

Earlier I got hit by such a thing and read it did over 61,000 damage and I couldn't even see the shot that hit me! The ship I'm using is a Heavy Escort Carrier which has decent enough hull (with engineering consoles of course for resists).

Is there anything I can do more to protect/notice these things? I swear recently the Neg'vars and Raptors that spawn are a LOT harder than before or should I just file a bug report?

yuki109 08-24-2012 05:52 PM

ii saw that happen to a guy in a dread cruiser so you are not the only one

elandarksky 08-24-2012 06:49 PM

They use a souped-up 'isometric discharge console' from the kdf,

Its an electrical attack (so you have little to no resistance to it)

It can 'arc' between players, jumping from one to another dealing larger damage each hit up to 3/4 times.

My only solution is, when the neg'var is loose, evasive maneuvers yourself at least 6km from any ally (including turrets/aecton assimilatiors) ((not sure about carrier pets))

This way you get hit with the initial attack (which is in most cases non-fatal) and it wont arc to your teammates, or back you you.

The animation of the discharge is a very small whitish ball that flies at speeds similar to scramble sensors or viral matrix, faster than a torp, not as fast as a cannon volley.

truewarper 08-25-2012 12:28 AM

I have found that double charging one's shields from the engineer and science's side. Will lessen the impact and damage. But the catch is, you have to see the attack coming to offset the attack.

Did it once...

lostmoony 08-25-2012 04:12 AM

i have done ~20x 1vs 1 fights with the negh var ships and that i really get 1 hitted by this skill happend 2x the other times threy not use it or sometimes only make a lower hit with it whats not 1 hit.

so if it happend to a player in 1:10 fights its not so crazy in total.

skhc 08-25-2012 04:52 AM

Yeah, the Isometric Charge.

It chains from player to player, if you're the first link in the chain it won't kill you from full health (usually survive with a loss of one shield facing and my hull down to 40% in my HEC). Depending on your exact build you might survive being the second in the chain. Third & Fourth you're probably knackered.

I'm not aware of a hard counter at the moment, but keeping 6km away from it and prioritising the Negh'Var as soon as it appears seems to be the best solution.

lostmoony 08-25-2012 05:48 AM


Originally Posted by skhc (Post 5448631)

It chains from player to player, if you're the first link in the chain it won't kill you from full health (usually survive with a loss of one shield facing and my hull down to 40% in my HEC). Depending on your exact build you might survive being the second in the chain. .

that can be the reason why i near never get killed coz i clear cube sides still solo + clear the raptor + nevh gar ship solo to so he hits me only with first inso strike what deals no dmg.:D

kerven01 08-25-2012 08:10 AM

It helps to zoom out when the ships appear. I've had experiences where the isometric charge will just barely reach the ship, hitting a little beyond the shield ring. I never see it if I'm zoomed in and it hits in a "blind spot". It's not just CSE, btw, the new fleet actions can be very difficult to survive when there are >5 negh'vars floating around, shooting isometric charges everywhere (or when they all target the starbase and let loose). A shame that every single negh'var gets a unique "pay-to-use" console that shoots out isometric charges at a grade differential of 1 or 2 (level 51 or 52). No wonder they hurt so much.

tom61sto 08-25-2012 12:10 PM

Zooming out a fair bit, the charge seems to come from somewhere off screen, no guarantee that there's even a player or neg'var from the direction it comes from... Very maddening. I can only hope that I missed seeing a deployable it bounced off of, instead of them outright cheating. Not liking random difficulty spikes, can go from doing fine to 2 or 3 of the team being in the respawn queue in a matter of seconds, with the remainder quickly overwhelmed.

I'm beginning to think the Dev's want to nerf player Isometric Charges, but want it to seem like it was a response to a call from players. If the player Isometric Charges were remotely as capable as these they would've been nerfed a long time ago.

marc8219 08-25-2012 12:54 PM

when you blow an upper level nanite probe it spawns a Negvar that almost always immediatley uses the iso charge. Best way I found to survive is to immediatley use all resist skills when popping the node like aux2 structural, polarize hull, brace for impact, hazard emmiters, transfer shield strength. Sometimes you will survive, but you will still die if it chained off of others already.

I think this is riddiculosly overpowerd and needs to be balanced. Lower the damage of the npc isometric charge but give the negvars more powerful disruptors and torpedos. They should still be able to easily kill you, but should not be able to one shot you otherwise there is no point in having healers on the team.

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