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rodsager1964 08-25-2012 02:46 PM

Suggestion for new BOFF Power
This is an idea to help losers like me ;) that use mouse instead of hotkeys load up a series of BOFF abilities with a single click/hotkey This would be a commander level power that would allow three commander abilities of the BOFF to be applied simultaneously. The player sets up up the three abilities in a submenu. tactical officer only uses tactical of course, science, eng etc. For example, A tactical commander could use the power to load maybe canon rapid fire, emergency power to weps and attack pattern alpha with a single hot key or mouse click. recharge time would be equal to the longest recharge time of the three choices. A player could have three of these for each commander level BOFF. Of course only the officer posted at the commander station could use the power. Additionally there could be a captain level version for the captain to use with 4 powers in one click. other games use this concept to help "buff" their character quickly and since STO buffs are generally very short 5-20 seconds, this would be very useful for noobs and advanced players. I think noobs would benefit a bit more.

rodsager1964 08-26-2012 01:44 PM

Further explaination of idea. The Tactical Commander would be able to choose any three tactical abilities of his or any other tactical officer below him on the bridge, and likewise for science, or engineering commander. This ability would take up the fourth slot of the commander station. The Captain's ability would allow him to choose any 4 abilities of his own or any officer below him on the bridge of the same career path.

kylesal24 08-26-2012 04:09 PM

What I am guessing this is that you can hit 1 button and 3-4 skills are pressed. If so you can already do that. Just takes some time and a little coding. I just press all the skill with my mouse. I just know to do it quickly and have them setup in a row.


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