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bespin18 08-28-2012 05:14 PM

suggestion for the devs
everyday, as im playing sto, i browse through the forums in between ques and boredom spurts looking for interesting things that could make my play experience just a bit better. every now and again i come across a thread asking for some kind of ground vehicle or mount to make traversing the ground a bit easier and i understand why there isnt one. its because most of the time we (the players) spend on the ground were inside, whether its inside a starbase or an asteroid station ect ect. so heres my suggestion, how about a new tribble that gives us a run speed increase? i think %25 with no attack or resistance buffs for an hour would be fair, you could also make it so that were LESS resistant to attacks when using it as to discourage people from using it in places like IGE to beat the optional timer if you really wanted. id buy that off the c-store!

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