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zeuxidemus001 08-29-2012 06:26 PM

XII Space Set and the Claims of Prestige
I know the XII ground set costumes still being luck aren't prestige but on the note of entertaining that mentality I am wondering about these XII space sets. Technically the skin a player as well as other players see are only that of the shield being used itself. Being that the stats are only a few points here and there between sets and do not justify the rarity of getting a XII Space Set I am wondering if the Dev's are going to rectify with some how an accolade to get a specific shield visual or either increase stats on these XII's because pretty much its not really any different than taking 60 edc's and buying a Mk X set...

Would love to hear a dev response on how they are going to show the same prestige as they call it for space when there is no difference between x/xi and xii sets.

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